Why I still support Gab, Twitter, AND Facebook.


Welcome to the Thomas Dillingham blog. This is MINE! I built it, I maintain it, I put content on it, and if you don’t like it, well, you can take a hike… That may sound rude, but what would you say if you built something from the ground up?

That is why I, despite my ever-growing list of problems with all three platforms, still support Gab, Twitter, and Facebook. Look! Mark Zuckerberg and I will never be friends, he has made some selfish decisions and often abuses or stands by while others abuse his platform for their own selfish and political purposes, BUT, guess what! It’s his. Just like this blog is mine.

The same goes for Twitter, Like it or not, we don’t get to tell others what to do and say, that is what America is all about. Twitter and Facebook own their respective platforms, and I own mine, this blog. So, why do I also support Gab? That Social Network site allegedly filled with evil haters, and racists… First of all, you might be surprised to find out that Gab is growing and people with better sense are starting to drown out the morons!

According to the New York Times, the Washington Post, CNN, and the like, Gab.com is where all of the Alt-Right, extremists, racists, jerks are at. Well, to a certain extent that is still true. BUT, the only reason they are there is because Twitter, and Facebook aren’t having it. See, those two companies among others are deciding for you. On Gab, it isn’t like that. YOU DECIDE! 

On Gab I get to choose who I interact with. On Gab I get to “mute” people that annoy me, or say things that just get in my way. I am in control on Gab and I can even Remove Followers, unlike Twitter and Facebook. The rules on Gab are actually simple. Don’t promote or do anything that is illegal, and everyone has the right to make you shut up, and stop following them. It’s almost like walking down the street, except no physical aggression is ever required to get rid of a stalker, heckler, or troll…

People say what they want, people listen to who they want to listen to. It’s almost like going outdoors or in public… LOL

In fact, every day we go out in public where people wear offensive clothes, have offensive bumper stickers, spray paint offensive “art” on walls (sometimes illegally,) and you get the idea. If a person can wear it in public, well, it stands to reason they should be allowed to post it in public.

I certainly don’t agree with people who promote hate, if you know me, you know I really get frustrated with the constant hate that CNN and MSNBC promote toward President Trump. You probably also know that I get aggravated by the hate being promoted by any racist. Yep, I said ANY RACIST! So why have an account on a platform that allows those haters and racists?

WELL! It is simple, really! We live in a free country, and people should be allowed to do and SAY what they want, no matter how stupid it sounds or looks. In fact, I think Twitter and Facebook are doing their own causes an injustice. They have removed the ability for racist idiots to make complete fools of themselves for the whole world to see…

Meanwhile, a little known but growing Social Media site called Gab.com is growing. As it grows the morons get muffled by people with some common sense. Now, look! Don’t go and close your Twitter or Facebook account.

In fact, if you have already left Twitter or Facebook GO BACK NOW! What we don’t need to do is isolate ourselves. We need to be on all of the platforms and interact on all of them. If we don’t, the division in America will only get worse… So there it is, I stand by all three as long as they stand by me and my right to speak freely. Where do you stand?

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