Who will win, the Constitution and our Forefathers, or the Establishment?


The King of England claimed the territory of the “Royal Colonies” hundreds of years ago. It was in the 16th century that Newfoundland was established. Followed by colonies along the east coast of what is today known as the United States of America.

About five hundred years ago Royalty was the currency for the elite. Land for the nobles, coins for the tradesmen, and food for the poor. Today not much has changed in the way of currency, except for one thing.

The elites¬†are born into wealth. The upper middle class is granted sizable incomes allowing them to live in lavish homes and on lavish estates. People who work for a living and pay the taxes, the actual middle class, pay half of what they make in taxes, and the other half in expense living close enough to the elites and upper middle class to maintain a certain lifestyle. The poor, however, don’t have to worry about what they will eat.

The middle-class toil day in and day out, while millions of Americans live free from the distractions and responsibilities of employment. Upper-middle-class delegate to those of us who work, and the elite war with one another over entire industries, often at everyone else’s expense. Their minions are the restless poor who take to the streets at the command of the elite’s propaganda machine…

Two and half centuries ago a few good men came together to forge a lasting and sustainable society. A society where all men are created equal. A society where everyone is equal under the law. A society where people born into wealth would never again be able to abuse the rights of anyone. Or at least, that was the idea.

Today, our rights are trampled. Our freedom of speech is restricted by multinational corporations like Facebook, Twitter, Google, and a long list of Silicon Valley companies who exist in many cases only because of the later.

Our right to bear arms is muted to handguns and rifles. God forbid an ordinary man to be able to strike a blow that counts. God forbid someone with nothing left to lose being able to send a message that cannot be ignored.

Our privacy is ignored by the government in the name of keeping us “safe.” Everything you write, read, say, or do is logged in some database somewhere. Legal loopholes are used to access the data. Government zealots see themselves as the keepers of the Constitution while ignoring it and their ELECTED Officials.

There is no such thing as a trial by your peers since juries are instructed on what they can and cannot decide, ignoring the basic and simple reason for the jury in the first place.

Unborn children are not people, while animals get better legal protection.

Hell, a man can even decide to ignore thousands of genetic traits and just “be a woman.”

Parents are taught not to spank their kids, and send them to timeout preparing them for a lifetime in lockup, and God Forbid a man raise his voice at his child in public!

What in God’s name has happened to America, and more importantly our Constitution???

I know one thing to be true. The truth has become the lie, and the end is nigh unless we change our ways. In our countries history, never has there been a time when an election was so important.

The outcome of this election will result in a continued fall and final destruction of our Constitution, or a much-needed change. Only time will tell if our lives will continue to be a living hell…

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