Whitehouse was HACKED BY RUSSIA under Obama in 2015. Was Russia actually helping Clinton get elected?


ABC News reported the hacking of the Whitehouse, along with several other news organizations. In their reports, they have detailed a conversation they had with a Whitehouse official. The ABC News report says:

“One person briefed on the hacking said the Russian invaders were difficult to detect and difficult to remove from the White House computer network, and some believe the hackers could still be hiding inside the system tonight.”

CNN also reported the hacking. They detailed how the Russian Hackers were able to get into the system. The CNN report says:

“The State Department computer system has been bedeviled by signs that despite efforts to lock them out, the Russian hackers have been able to reenter the system. One official says the Russian hackers have “owned” the State Department system for months and it is not clear the hackers have been fully eradicated from the system.”

While the Mainstream Media is busy hammering away at the allegations that Russia coordinated with the Trump Campaign, they have overlooked the fact that Russia has been hacking everyone and everything they can for at least 15 years!

The Whitehouse intrusion was detected early in the month of April 2015. The Obama Administration took the systems down for several days after the intrusion was noticed. At that time key systems administrators noted the Russian Hackers “could still be hiding in the system.”

In August 2014 AlJazera report that it was discovered that Russia had stolen over 1.2 Billion passwords over several years. Those passwords affected as many as 420,000 websites. They explained that this breach was exposed by a U.S. Security firm.

September 2014 CBS News reported that Russian Hackers had stolen 5 million Gmail passwords.

October 2014 USA Today reported that Russian Hackers were behind the JP Morgan Chase data breach. Again in October 2014, the Washington Post reported that Russia used a Zero Day attack to hack into NATO.

December 2014 Sony was hacked. Several media outlets suggest that Russian Hackers were behind it.

In October 2015 the Business Insider reported that Russian Hackers stole from the Dow Jones! BUT, the Dow Jones refuted that report, we may never know the truth. The Russian Hacking epidemic was so bad that Newsweek wrote an article dedicated to Russian Hacking. The title of their article: 


I detailed only a handful of the well-known attacks by Russian Hackers. Russian Hacking has been ongoing as far back as 2001, as evident in this 2001 Russian Hacking report by ABC News.

So here are the questions we should all be asking!

If the Democrats were so concerned about the elections, why didn’t the Obama Administration do more to protect against “hacking?”

Did the Obama Administration plan to have their agenda “fail safe” keeping alleged “Russian Hacking” in reserve to discredit Trump if he won?

Is the Mainstream Media colluding with the EU, Hillary Clinton, Obama, China, and Globalist Billionaires to discredit President Trump, using the Russian Hacking narrative?

Please help me spread the truth about Russian Hacking. It has gone on for years. The Obama Administration did little to protect against it.

People need to know about Russian Hacking, but not because of Trump. They need to know the full history of Russian Hacking.

The BIGGEST QUESTION is… Did the Russians Interfere in the 2008 and 2012 elections that allowed Obama to win? After all, Obama did tell the Russians “I will have more flexibility ONCE I am elected!” He didn’t say IF, he said ONCE!

Do you think those elections should be investigated? I do! What so you?

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God Bless! God Bless America!!!