What is next?

I’m sure you have watched in awe over the last few days as things have gone from bad to seemingly worse in our country. The never-ending banter by the Media attacking anyone and everyone who ever supported President Trump. A mass of people descending on the Capitol Building. Rumors of Martial Law, impending arrests, Social Media attacks on all things Conservative. To the point, this all just seems NUTS to me.

Those of you who follow me know that I try my best to approach everything from a logical well thought out perspective. Except, of course, for about a week, a year ago, when utterly and completely I lost my cool with the Democrats. I look at what is going on today and I have to admit. I have absolutely no idea what comes next.

Here is the thing… I have what I like to call my Bull Crap meter, and my What the Heck Meter. As a general rule, one of the two is usually pegged when something is out of wack. For example, when Facebook cost me my life saving on November 8, 2017, one year to the day that Trump won the election my What the Heck meter was pegged. I couldn’t believe that a platform that brags about “connecting people” would trash my hard work in connecting people.

Conversely, when all of the rumors being spread by Q-Anon were circulating around the Internet my Bull Crap meter was pegged. I’ve never bought into anything that reads like something written by Nostra Domas. If someone can’t speak plainly, I don’t have time to listen. My opinion is, spit it out, and I’ll research and see if it nonsense or not.

At the moment both meters are pegged. Facebook and Twitter have banned the sitting President of the United States while allowing hashtags like #HangPence to trend on their platforms. They claim Trump might incite violence. Wait! What? Parler is being blackballed by the Billionaires. It’s just insanity on a scale I have NEVER witnessed.

Meanwhile, I am getting information from somewhat reliable people that Trump is about to do something big. I’m being told to make sure I have plenty of food. Plenty of fuel for my vehicles, cash on hand, and so on.

I would say things are surreal, but the word doesn’t do justice to what I am seeing, hearing, and witnessing all at once. I don’t know who to believe. I already know I can’t trust Facebook, Google, Twitter, ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, the New York Times, The Washington Post, PBS, NPR, and go down the list. I’m beginning to wonder if I can trust the Washington Times, the Epoch Times, or anything else.

The one source I could depend on has been stripped from the internet. President Trump was a calming factor in it all. With his straightforward Tweets, I was assured of what was next. With his videos, I could see him maintaining order among the chaos being created by the Fake News. With his emails, I could see the short and long-term plans (now they all go to spam, thanks a lot Google). Now, he is silent, and all that’s left is madness.

On one hand, I seem to be surrounded by wing nuts who are so far out of touch with how things actually work, it scares me, and on the other hand, the Fake News who only tells us what they want us to think, ignoring the facts. In the middle are the Tech Giants who just decided to silence anyone they disagree with.

So, here I am. I have decided to finally, once and for all disconnect from the Tech Giants. I have deleted my Facebook Page, my Facebook account, and my Twitter account. I continue to refuse to watch, read, or listen to the Fake News. Finally, and almost as important, I am done listening to the wingnuts and trying to wrap my head around why they think what they do.

I don’t want to hear rumors. I don’t want to hear wonton explanations of why weird things are happening. Nope, I’m done. At this point, I’m going to grab some popcorn and watch the show, as I have heard someone say before. LOL

The next two years will be cringeworthy to watch no matter what happens. I think it is best watched FROM A DISTANCE. I strongly suggest you do the same. The Titans are at war with each other, and anyone who gets in their way will end up getting stepped on. My plan is simple. Stand back and see what happens next. Let the Titans use their wing nuts to fight it out, because for now. I’m just done with it! Things just don’t make sense anymore. This is NOT the America I learned about in school.

I will however start writing my Technology Articles again, with a focus on privacy. God Bless you all and good luck. We’re going to need BOTH I am afraid.