Virginia Democrats Want All Your Right Not Just Your Guns

Guns aren’t the only thing Virginia Democrats want to take away from the people. They recently joined other states in passing a law that will give their electoral college votes to whoever wins the popular vote.

Their new law won’t go into effect until enough states join in the unconstitutional compact. If states representing another 74 or more electoral college votes pass legislation our “states” based system will be in jeopardy. The most populated cities in America would decide who wins the Presidential elections.

This would consolidate power to a handful of low-cost media markets. Politicians would no longer have a reason to care about rural America. The problem is their laws are unconstitutional.

The Constitution says in no uncertain terms that the electoral college is part of our election process. The laws adding states to a compact are unconstitutional because they blatantly intend to usurp the Constitution. The problem is, by the time the laws would go into effect the people would not have time to challenge the laws in court before the dirty deed is done.

The power to elect our President would be directly in the hands of Fake News and Technology Mongols. Forever changing our political landscape. I fear if this happens it could be the last straw leading to serious civil conflict in America.

It seems these Radical Globalist Democrats are determined to seize control of our lives, remove the government’s requirement to protect our God-given rights, and turn America into just another authoritarian nation. A nation controlled by academics, government insiders, and Billionaires.

These laws need to be challenged before they have an opportunity to destroy our country. The last thing we need is rural America at war with cities. This kind of division and disregard for our Constitution is what started the first Civil War.

We don’t need another one, but I am starting to believe that is exactly what Democrats want. They lost the first time, and just like their hope of socialism, they are ignoring history.

Or are they? Maybe that is exactly what they want, a reason to rewrite the Constitution and leave our rights out if it. These Democrats want to control every aspect of our lives.