Viral Video strikes at the heart of the Gun Control narrative, raising questions about Child Control.


In March following the terrible Parkland High School shooting the gun control debate lit up again. I should say, the gun grabbers used children to promote their gun grabbing agenda.

High School students were paraded across Mainstream media outlets demanding “safety.” Social Media was abuzz with promotions to restrict gun rights.

For weeks following the shooting you couldn’t get on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram without seeing someone demanding gun control. Television, Cable, and Radio were no different. The Gun Grabbers had a field day trampling the memory of those lost in the terrible shooting.

Like clockwork, every time there is a mass shooting the gun grabbers spring into action.

BUT! “Not so fast” said an online blogger to himself…

This time a 45-second video was released on his Facebook page. That video struck a chord with Americans. The video clearly speaks to the heart of the real issue of gun violence and mass shootings.

In the video, a man in his garage starts by saying:

“You may have heard this before, but, I’m going to say it again.”

He then goes on to point out a serious problem in America. He tied Smartphones, Parenting, and the decline of American values to the rise in technology.

He didn’t mention that the AR-15 was invented and began mass production in 1958. He didn’t mention that Social Media and the rise in violence seems to coincide.

He didn’t talk about the fact that we have had Smartphone for less than two decades and the broad adoption of Smartphones didn’t begin until just a few years ago.

He never mentioned that Schools are replacing cursive handwriting with tablets and Smartphones. He never said a word about it. Most of America already understood what he was saying when he held up a Smartphone and said:

“Maybe we should get these dangerous things out of our kids’ hands…”

The video was clearly marked to outline the lack of parenting to the issue of gun violence because it was turned into a video Meme. The bold text saying:

We didn’t need Gun Control

When we had Child Control

Child Control

I think we might be on to something here.

Posted by Thomas Dillingham on Sunday, March 18, 2018

The day before the High School shooting in Texas the video had reached over 19 million people and was viewed over 13 million times.

Since the Santa Fe Texas shooting the video has been viewed an additional 7 million times with a total of over 20 million views reaching over 30 million people.

As an online blogger, I have never seen a video do so well, especially one that I produced.

I can only surmise that I touched on something that everyone agrees on. It’s kinda like I said in the video…

“What a concept.”

The real question that remains is, how do we get parents to get their noses out of their Smartphones and back on their children? How do we get “these dangerous devices out of our kids’ hands?” How do we get Silicon Valley to take responsibility for the damage that Social Media is doing to our society?