Trump Is Keeping His Promise To Donate All Foreign Profit And LEFTISTS Are Lying To Hide The Truth.


It is no secret that President Trump is a wealthy man. He built a multi-billion dollar empire at the expense of the rich and famous. In case you hadn’t noticed you can’t buy a Trump Tie at Wal-Mart. In the decades leading up to the President massive sacrifice to become President, he made his billions by serving the ultra-rich, not ripping off the poor.


It comes as no surprise that President’s Trump promise wouldn’t be reported. In fact, it was March 9th when the Washington Post quietly published an article outlining just how much the President has donated to United States Treasury. You didn’t see that article going viral on social media. I had to dig through pages of Google search results to find it.

In the article several months ago, the Washington Post had no choice but to report that President Trump donated $151,470, the exact amount of profit he made from foreign governments. The way these news organizations work is they throw in a few factual articles from time to time so they can continue to claim to be real news.

We all know what’s going on, but it doesn’t stop them from using these age-old tricks to deceive the masses. Then the stories get turned over to the real Fake News sites. Websites that have one agenda. They don’t put their name on it, they don’t own their words. They hide behind a massive Facebook Page and use their Fake News website to bash our President. Who am I talking about?

I’m talking about the “Washington Press,” who are they, well… Let me tell you!

The Washington Press is the website currently used by the people running the Occupy Democrats Facebook Page and I’m hear to tell you, these people are always off the rails.

I mentioned the Washington Post article about the President keeping his promise, but you won’t hear that over the Washington Press. Nope, all you see over on the Occupy Democrats site is Hyper-partisan Click-Bait titles like this one:

“The Saudis were just busted funneling money to Trump in sinister veterans exploitation plot”

Most reasonable people realize this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Unfortunately, some people still fall for this kind of fake news. See, not only did the Washington Post write an article about Trump donating his foreign profit they also wrote an article about Saudi-funded lobbyists paying for rooms at the Trump hotel in DC.

The problem is, the Washington Press left out a few key points like these:

  • President Trump promised to donate all foreign profits to the Treasury and so far he has kept that promise.
  • Michael Gibson from the Maryland based organization that organized the trips said in no uncertain terms that using the Trump Hotel was due to discounts and nothing more.

So, here we have a fake news site claiming that President Trump will personally benefit from Saudi Arabia using his hotels, while conveniently ignoring the fact that President Trump has promised to donate all foreign profit to the US Treasury, and so far he has kept that promise.

It makes me wonder why the Washington Post allowed the people running the Occupy Democrats Facebook page to continue to exist while at the same time misrepresenting Pro-Trump blogs. I for one think it is time Facebook Page Owners be required to identify themselves. At least then we would know who is lying to us!

In the meantime, keep it real folks! You can’t believe everything you read online, especially from websites who don’t even tell you who is running them!

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