Trump Is About To Get Good News; These Figures Don’t Lie, but Enemy Of The People Silent


Gone are the days when you could tune into a cable news channel and find out what is really going on. Gone is the trust America has in the Mainstream Media. At times is seems the only thing I can trust is the President, and I am not alone. This doesn’t seem to matter because all we continue to hear is the constant Never Trump banter. If you want to know what’s really going on you have to know where to look.

If you can’t turn on your television, or trust the emails filling your inbox then were do you turn? You might be surprised at how simple the answer is, but most Americans are financially ruined because of 40 years of failed globalist economic policy. Most don’t know to look in the right place.

It’s true, one in three households in America receive some kind of government entitlement or welfare. Over half of Americans don’t have extra cash laying around. The days of change jars filled to the brim are dying off as fast the Greatest Generation. To know where to look for the real news you might look back to your grandparents and great-grandparents.

Most of us can recall our grandmothers and grandfathers carefully digging through the morning paper. They would hand us the comics while they scanned page after page of tiny numbers. What was in those numbers?

Financial data, like job numbers, stock prices, commodity prices, lined row after row and those numbers had meaning. That ladies and gentlemen is where to find the real news. As true today as it was 40 years ago liars figure, but figures don’t lie!

Can you recall the last time you heard about the health of our stock market or job market? Didn’t think so! That’s because when you cut through the nonsense and click-bait hype getting to the heart of the matter we, the United States, are doing much better than we were just two years ago.

The evidence is clearly published for the world to see. I personally use a little-known report from a well-known company to find out just how good or bad the jobs number will be every month. That not so little company is called ADP. Most people know them as the people who cut their paychecks, or these days, their direct deposit.

ADP has a “Research Institute” and each month they release numbers. Among those numbers is Private Sector Employment. So, how do I know as my title implies that: “Trump Is About To Get HUGE News?” Well, its all in the numbers, and numbers don’t lie…

According to the ADP Research Institute The change in U.S. nonfarm private sector employment was up:

Up 179,000 Jobs

Small businesses added 46,000, Midsized businesses added 119,000, and Large businesses added 13,000. Of course, you won’t hear how good that is for the country from the Mainstream media. I’m no profit or fortune teller, but I know this: The Mainstream Media will likely say that these number didn’t meet expectations, spinning the truth into something negative about President Trump. BUT, they cannot ignore the FACT that our country added another 179,000 jobs.

Like the polls that said President Trump would lose the election, it seems even some in the financial sector still want Trump to be wrong. A recent Market Watch article opines in their title:

“Job creation was supposed to slow, but a funny thing happened: Hiring has sped up”

Is it any surprise you can find the truth from a “financial” based media outlet. As I said before, the truth is right there, we just have to know where to look for it. It was in that same article that Jeffry Bartash noted:

“Economic tea readers predict the same in November. The U.S. likely added 190,000 new jobs last month to keep the unemployment rate at a 49-year low of 3.7%, forecasters say.”

That’s right the brainiacs are saying we will hit a 49-year low! But, you probably won’t hear that on MSNBC or CNN. But, again looking to financial outlets we find another article nestled neatly out of view from most Americans, on Market Watch. Senior Economic Reporter, Greg Robb says:

“Big picture: The labor market has been strong this year. Economists use ADP’s data to get a feeling for the Labor Department’s employment report, which will be released Friday and covers government jobs in addition to the private sector.”

Tomorrow job numbers will be released by the Department of Labor, and it is set to be a YUGE bit of Good News for President Trump. You won’t hear that from the Mainstream Media, so I thought at least you can hear it here. BUT, that isn’ the best news for Trump.

Nope! It gets better. Not only are there more jobs, but wages are going up too. Going back to the first report I mentioned we find:

“The yearly increase in hourly pay broke through the 3% barrier in October (3.1%) for the first time since 2009. And wage gains in the most recent 12-month period could climb to 3.2% in November.”

That’s right 3.2% and if you don’t follow the money like I do take my word for when I say, that is HUGE NEWS for Trump! Not only are there more jobs for Americans, but Americans are getting paid more. BUT, you won’t hear about this from the enemy of the people:

Nope, they all want you distracted watching Hillary Clinton scowl away from Trump over George H. W. Bush’s body. 

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