Trump gets no credit for ending sixty year war.


As a child, I recall the stories and endless references to the Vietnam war. I didn’t hear much about the war in Korea.

It wasn’t until I joined the Marines as a teenager that I learned of the war that defined the world as we know it. The first was against tyranny following the defeat of Hitler and the Japanese Empire.

The first war of note the United States lost in its history was the one that left Kim Jong Un’s family in power. In fact, since World War II the United States has LOST every conflict and war we engaged in.

Until now! Now, after 60 years it seems we will finally win the Korean War. Over half of the fighting men and women who lived through the nightmare that was the Korean war are gone, but at least some of them will see an end to a war between the principles of freedom and the deadly ideology of Communism.

It seems the United States is winning again. It leaves me to wonder where men like Donald Trump have been for the last 60 years!

Now that President Trump has finally won the Korean War, maybe he can help America win the war against our Constitution. A war being led by a handful of California Billionaires!

We know who the enemy is, all we have to do is look at who isn’t talking about Trump’s success in finally defeating Communism in Korea.