“This ridiculous situation,” as President Trump signs Omnibus Bill.


On March 23rd the President addressed the press about the recent bill sent to him for a signature. The Omnibus Budget Bill. He said he was going to talk about “this ridiculous situation.”

After allowing Secretary Ross to make a comment the President took the podium expressing his disappointment about the bill. He said:

“…as a matter of national security, I’ve sign [the bill]…”

He went on to explain the many things he says he is unhappy about. He said some parts of the bill were a compromise so he could see too rebuilding the United States military. He had a message for Congress.

“I will never sign another bill like this again. Not going to do it again. Nobody read it, its only hours old, some people don’t even know what is in it. “

The president went on to express his disappointment and related his frustration to how he believes Obama may have felt when Number 44 signed the largest Omnibus budget bill in history. The bill signed by President Trump is the second largest and Obama still holds the record for the largest Omnibus will ever to be signed into law.

He blamed the Democrats for having such a large bill because he said they don’t believe in having a strong military, and sympathized with DACA recipients who he says have been treated “badly.”

He called on the United States Senate to end the Fillibuster rule so things can get done.

The President is clearly unhappy with Congress at many levels. Appearing to still want to work with Congress he took time to say that we can be disappointed in some ways and this is a victory for our Military.