There Is a Long History Of Shenanigans From Brenda Snipes and The Latest One Scares The Tar Out Of Republicans.


Brenda Snipes stands in the middle of the combative Florida recount. Snipes is no stranger to controversy, as the Broward County Election Supervisor who in the past failed to finish vote counts in a timely manner or provide transparency. Nope, scandals are nothing new this battle-hardened Democrat.

The Miami Herald points out that her office mixed bad provisional ballots with good ones.

As the Sun-Sentinel reported, Snipes has served as Broward County’s elections chief, with mixed results over the last 15 years. Vote counts, recounts, and excessive wait times have impacted all major elections since 2002 except 2008, and 2014. Those election issues also include, you guessed it, this year.

Among other issues:

— She broke the law when she destroyed ballots 10 months too soon from the 2016 election.

— Almost 1,000 ballots were “discovered” a week following the election in 2012.

— 58,000 mail-in ballots were not delivered to voters, forcing election officials to send out new ones in 2004.

— Somehow she left out a medical marijuana amendment in 2016.

— The results in the 2016 primary election were made public on the elections office’s website before polls closed, which is a clear violation of federal election law.

Like jumping out of time machine we look up and find accusations that Snipes’ office “found new ballots,” back in 2012.

Eric Eggers is an election fraud expert and author of “Fraud: How the Left plans to steal the next election.” 

He reportedly told Breitbart News:

“This is also not the first time that her office has just found ballots. There was actually a canvassing official back in 2012 that complained that heading into a weekend, they were told there were about 150 votes left to be counted and then Monday morning, well actually there are about 950 votes still to go. …

[There is] clearly an organized effort to manipulate and alter outcomes”

A couple of President Trump’s 2016 Primary nemesis’ are speaking out, Marco Rubio takes on the New York Times and Jeb Bush is calling for the removal of Brenda Snipes.

It remains to be seen what the outcome of the Florida election will be, but one thing is certain. Democrats have good reason to see hope in a Florida recount which should scare the tar out of every Republican in the country.

From where I stand, Eric Eggers’ looks like he has his finger on the pulse of what is really going on down there in Florida, and the idea that the Democrat party is willing to ignore the will of the people is not hard to believe when you consider what Hillary did to Poor Bernie in their election…

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