The Government Is Drunk On Taxes

Taxes are needed to maintain our country’s needs. When they are excessive they contribute to corruption. Think about what happens with taxes.

Few taxes are put in a savings account for a rainy day. The more taxes that are collected the more money the government spends. They spend money in three ways.

They buy products and property. They pay employees and the burdens that come with them like pensions, and they pay contractors. Money is spent by the government and someone benefits from it.

It doesn’t matter if its income tax, property tax, sales tax, or the tax we pay for traffic citations. Taxes benefit government employees and contractors. That means government employees and contractors are motivated by their own greed when they demand higher budgets and more of our money to spend.

It has created a dangerous self-serving cycle where more and more people want more taxes so they have it better than everyone else. Take for example Federal Employees. Did you know that the average age of retirement for Federal Employees is 61? Some cities and states have an average retirement age as low as 58 with some people drawing a full pension as young as 52.

Meanwhile, working Americans are expected to wait until they are 67 when they are able to draw full Social Security. Most government employees don’t pay social security instead they contribute directly to government-funded pensions.

Meanwhile, military members can retire as young as 38 BUT that is ONLY if they can survive the cuts that come every time a Democrat gets into office. Furthermore, they get a measly 50% of their top years of pay. AND they still have to pay social security while they serve. The overwhelming majority of military retirees have to go back to work to make ends meet. That’s because they aren’t paid enough while they serve.

There is no motivation to be an entrepreneur, start a business, or even try to work for a vast majority of Americans. The real American dream in the 21st century is to get a fat government job so you can retire young and live off of everyone else’s hard work.

It’s time we abolish all government-backed pension funds and require everyone to pay into social security. We should require government entities to provide access to 401k plans just like all of the rest of us working stiffs in America.

We are not a Communist country and Americans shouldn’t be slaving every day so government employees can live high on the hog. Working for the government isn’t really ‘serving’ the country or our communities it is serving yourself to the fruits of everyone else’s labors.

Abolish and phase out all Pensions and force EVERYONE to pay Social Security and give them the option of a 401k plan.

Enough is enough. It’s time to shrink big government back down to size!