Ted Cruz shocks his base as he sings the praises of President Trump. The past is finally in the past!


It wasn’t that long ago that Senator Ted Cruz and President Trump squared off on stage to debate some of the biggest issues faced by Americans.

President Trump called Cruz “Ly’in Ted,” and supporters of Ted Cruz swung back with a fiery assault on the Electoral College delegates. Every effort was made to steal President Trump’s victory with backroom lawyer tricks and loopholes. The gloves were off and Ted Cruz’s most rabid fans had out their proverbial knives for Trump.

Fast forward just a few months and things have changed. Texans see what President Trump is doing. The world hasn’t ended, and much of Senator Cruz’s base is warming up to the man they once saw as their nemesis.

The world is backing off, jobs are coming back, Democrats are running scared, and Texans are about to head to the polls. In a shocking interview with Fox News, Senator Ted Cruz didn’t use any of his usual offhanded criticisms of the Trump administration.

Instead, he had nothing but good things to say about the President. For nearly seven full minutes the Senator sang the praises of President Trump. Just a few days later more news broke of the President’s support of Ted Cruz for re-election.

Even though the breaking news seemed new, President Trump actually endorsed a long list of Texas incumbents back in February. The story doesn’t end there.

Prior to Senator Ted Cruz’s interview with Fox News, he endorsed President Trump for re-election in 2020. Although this was sparsely reported by most Media outlets.

Ted Cruz on Fox and Friends

Weakness and appeasement don't work.President Donald J. Trump has come in with a strong American foreign policy — getting back to peace through strength. And I think we're seeing the results of it with three Americans coming home from North Korea.

Posted by Ted Cruz on Thursday, May 10, 2018

It seems Senator Cruz has finally put the past in the past and has his eye on the future. The future where we Make America Great Again! The future where Republicans work together to move Trump’s agenda forward. A future where Politicians finally start putting America First!

Some of Cruz’s more rabid supporters aren’t too happy with his decision. Leaving comments including:

“Ted is a traitor.”

“What a weasel.”

“No, say it isn’t so, Ted just stabbed us all in the back.”

Of course, there is really no way to know if these are real people or just Russian bots trying to stir the pot.

While alleged Trump supporters were slow to jump on board with the Senator saying:

“We will see what happens in 2020.”

“Still Ly’in Ted, but we will take it.”

“Well, at least Ted will have some explaining to do if he trys to run in 2020.”

Despite the fantasy world of Social Media and fake accounts, two things are for certain.

  1.  Ted Cruz may be slippery but Trump FINALLY has him in line!

2.  The last thing we need in Texas is that Gun Grabber Beto O’rourke.

By the way, ole’ Beto is a 4th generation Irish American. He is all about appeasement, just look at his real name, Robert Francis. Short for Robert is Bob, and Spanish for Bob is Beto. I’ just say’n! These Democrats will do anything to get elected…

Oh but Ted’s middle is name is Edward you say, yeah so what! At least Ted is English, unlike Beto…

God Bless Senator Ted Cruz, and President Donald J. Trump for finally bringing him to his senses! Senator Cruz has my full support. As far as John Cornyn, the other Texas Senator, well stay tuned. He is up for reelection and I hear things are about to get interesting. 😉