Seven questions to ask the Democrat party once they control the House.


The 2018 elections go down in history as a victory for Republicans. President Obama lost 63 seats in the House and 6 in the Senate. Trump gained a Senator and only lost 23 seats in the house. Clinton didn’t fare much better than Obama. No Democrats in recent history can boast of a victory like the one Trump had on the night of November 6th,

So what’s next you might wonder. Well, everything the Democrats promised right?

Wrong! If history has taught us anything it is that the Democrat Party always overpromises and under delivers. They have the power to fix their mistakes, but will they do it? I don’t think they will, I think they will squander their new found “check on Trump’s power,” chasing unicorns over rainbows.

But, what do I know anyway? I’m just a dumb redneck from Texas. Well, here are seven things to remember as the Democrats do their rain dance for the next two years.

The Democrat party promised action on Healthcare, will they fix Obamacare?

What about those tax cuts, will they extend them, or stick to working Americans?

Trump increased the National Debt, the Democrat party moaned, will they fix it?

Will the ultra-rich pay more taxes, or just the middle class?

The country is divided they whined, will the Democrat party work to bring us together?

Obama never had an approved budget by the Republican-controlled House, will they approve Trump’s budgets or continue to obstruct?

Who is lining their pockets with all that money on those infrastructure projects?

As you watch the so-called news, just remember these simple seven questions. For that matter, add a few of your own in the comments…

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