Save The Planet And America LEAVE The City

The facts cannot be avoided. The higher the population density the more problems you have. Be it murder, disease, sanitation, and just go down the list. The more people you have crammed into an area the higher the rates are of all things bad. This is nothing new and the solution is much easier then you might think.

Environmentalists think the solution is more government regulations, more control of our lives, more, more, more for people in government and those with wealth and power. That means less for everyone else.

The United States of America has about 2.3 billion acres of land in total. About 1.9 billion of those acres are not in Alaska. Alaska has a harsh environment, which some people find pleasant, while most would not. For the sake of my argument let’s stick to the 1.9 billion acres of land in the Continental United States and then take away the large parts that are as unforgiving as Alaska. Like the swamps on the gulf coast, the deserts of New Mexico and Arizona.

When we take away the less than premium parts of the country and look at the land where you could grow a home garden we find that there are about 1.4 Billion acres left. Of course, that is my best guesstimate.

If you divided that equally among everyone currently drawing breath in the United States that would be an average just over 4 acres. For the sake of this conversation, let’s say only half of that land is usable. Now we are getting somewhere. On average it is possible for every person to have 2 acres of land.

I’m not saying we should start dividing the land up equally to every citizen. That is absurd! I’m making the point that we have plenty of room to stretch out in America. So, why don’t we?

Is it because you want to be close to stores? Maybe you want to stay close to family. You like riding the train or the bus? Is it the stale city air you love? Maybe the crowded streets? Surely there is a good reason to want to live on top of one another. Or is there?

If on the other hand, you want the freedom to go out your back door and shoot at a pile of dirt without having a SWAT team respond then the country is for you. Is it that need for Internet speed? Well, believe it or not, there are solutions.

There has never been more attention to rural internet, than the excitement being generated by SpaceX’s Starlink. Finally, Rural America can see real high-speed internet on the horizon, literally. Imagine for a moment if all of the obstacles to moving to the country were removed.

No more trains, buses, or subways. No more double parking. No more parking meters. No more getting dressed at 2 am to take your pup out to his or her business, just open the door. So, why aren’t more Americans scooping up a few acres of land in rural America?

It is a question that if answered, would solve pretty much all of our problems. Smog would be a think of the past. High crime rates would be in the history books. Outrageous city sales taxes would dissolve. Schools would improve. Low-income Americans would live alongside the filthy stinking rich.

Local charities would not need national level donors, and Federal money, we would all be able to contribute a little here and a little there for our neighbors. What about my commute?

Great question. Many businesses located in large cities are dependant on those large cities. Take for example Wal-mart stores. You have dozens of stores only miles apart in major cities. While rural communities have to drive dozens of miles. Why? Stores are built based on the local population.

If the local population of rural American goes up, so would the number of stores in rural America. The stores would go where the people are. HVAC, Plumbing, Electric businesses would do the same. Energy costs would go down.

The bad things caused by extremely high population densities would not. Look at suburban America. Now imagine 1 or 2 acre lots instead of homes only feet apart.

The energy cost of a skyscraper compared to the cost of a single-family home is much higher. Fact is, rural Americans use less energy than city dwellers. Energy usage goes down, so does carbon emissions if you buy into that kind of thing.

You have a meeting to attend face to face? Is that so? Why not use modern telecommunications and do a teleconference from your phone or computer?

Technology has advanced to the point that a very large part of America can work from home. Why not put that home on a piece of land far away from the madness?

My point is this. Billionaires like their tall towers. They like the control of the multistory apartment complex. That’s why the push continues to be to move to big cities. If we all leave, they’ll have to leave too.

The real solution to crime, poverty, the environment, energy, and even political disenfranchisement is to get out of our energy-gobbling cities, and into the best parts of America. Where traffic isn’t a thing, smog is just your neighbor burning trash on Sunday night, and the only danger is the occasional snake who happens to find its way to your lawn.

At least those snakes won’t mug you.