Reba McEntire Brings 43 To Tears As She Honors 41, George H W Bush.


Sometimes politics has to take a backseat to honor those we have lost. All too often we forget that these people, some we have come to love and other who we struggle not to hate, are just that.

They are people too. President George H W Bush was honored by many guest and speakers today. One of the guests was Reba McEntire. She sang a beautiful tribute to the late 41. A tribute you will soon find that brought 43 to tears.

It isn’t every day you see a room full of powerful people struggle to hide their sorrow. Many of the people who filled the room to honor former President George H W Bush have learned to wear a thick skin. Some opposing each other bitterly in politics, others working together.

It is in these moments that we can find unity. A time when we all remember that people come and people go. Some of those people achieve greatness in the eyes of others leaving them reviled by their opponents, even after they go. But in the case of President George H. W. Bush, it is hard to find anyone who will say anything ill about him.

Former President Bush,  43, the son of 41 isn’t one to show his sorrow. If anything he built a reputation of being tough, direct, and resolute. Living his life in the shadow of his father, he had to shine very brightly. Many saw 41 as a great man. That is why so many have gathered, to honor a great man.

You can see that Reba brought more than just online watchers to tears. Former President Bush, 43, fought back tears as she grabbed a hold of hearts of everyone in the room.

You don’t see this every day. A room filled with powerful people, all fighting back tears, as they remember a man who will always be remembered as great.

I won’t get into politics on this post, just wanted to share with you a touching tribute to one of our former Presidents.

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