Racism! Sexism! Christian Persecution! There is an APP for THAT! No Joke! The App even lets you BRAG about it on Social Media!


I was shocked when I read a post about a new App. Apparently, this App has been in existence for several months. What does it do?

It helps you split your bill based on race, gender, sexual preference and so on. Yeah! Racism, Sexism, Christian Persecution all wrapped into one App!

When I first read about it I thought there is no way this could be real. Surely, this is satire. NO, it is not satire!

It is real! The App also features a way for others to subsidize the meals of the not so well off. This is just mind blowing. It is also sad!

I was unable to locate a way to download the app for Android so I have never seen the App. BUT, all indications are that this is real. After all the Huffington Post reported on it…

Don’t believe me! Here is the Youtube Video… Here is a link to the Huffington Post Article …and an MSN Article …and Takepart

If we want to talk about Wage inequality, let’s talk about the Men who have the assistance of a Wife at home which makes them more effective at work. Let’s talk about some women in our country raise their children and then enter the workforce later in life. Let’s talk about how IMPORTANT it is to have a parent at home with Children.

Let’s talk about how children raised in 2 PARENT homes turn out better. Let’s talk about MARRIAGE and how important that is to our society. Let’s talk about how the family is under attack! Let’s talk about Wage Inequality!

Here are my thoughts on this…

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