Peer Pressure and Bullying the Democrat way.

Peer pressure and bullying. These two things are usually signs that something is wrong at home. All too often children who bully other children have parents who could and should do better.

Peer pressure to do bad things has resulted in all kinds of tragedies from teen pregnancy, to drug addiction, to alcohol abuse in teens. Both are powerful and dangerous. Often they overwhelm young people and their senses making them forget the lessons they have learned at home.

Why do you think Democrats use both Peer Pressure and Bullying to advance their political agenda? It’s the only way they can get a country to make bad decisions and destroy itself. Democrats are like drug dealers, getting America hooked on handouts and then draining them for everything they have.

All while encouraging them to debase themselves in the streets and throw tantrums when they don’t get what they want. Democrats want young voters because they are not old enough to truly know the dangers of Peer Pressure and Bullying.