Ted Cruz just stabbed President in the BACK!


My mind drifts back to Ronald Reagan. Those days when he made bold promises and never delivered on many of them. In fact, Ronald Reagan’s Administration was hijacked by far Right-Wingers.

It appears Senator Ted Cruz is trying to take a page from history. Yesterday, President Trump took clear and decisive action against the Assad Regime in Syria. Ted Cruz is now attempting to derail President Trump’s leadership.

In a Tweet, he explained the mess made by Obama. He said our prayers with those impacted. Then he took a stab at PresidenT Trump when he cynically said:

“Any military action in Syria must be justified…”

On its face, this statement looks harmless. The problem is, Senator Cruz is trying to involve himself in the decision making process. The Senator has no authority in matters that are “vital” to “national security interests”.

Senator Cruz is attempting to take authority away from the Executive branch. These same tactics were used against Reagan by far Right-Wing Senators during his administration. It is clear to me that Ted Cruz is still bitter over his defeat.

Now he hopes to use the Syrian Conflict cause people to doubt President Trump. I think Senator Cruz needs to worry about endingBad Trade Deal, repealing and replacing Obamacare, and approving the People’s Agenda set forth by President Trump.

Ted Cruz appeared on Fox News saying that Congress has the authority to “declare war.” He repeated what he said in his statement. It is clear that Ted Cruz is trying to hijack this even to advance his own agenda… What do the Koch Brothers stand to gain from Ted Cruz’s re-election?

Ted Cruz needs to do HIS JOB and leave the Executive business to President Trump! Maybe Ted Cruz should clarify his ambiguous statement! After all, he is planning to run again in 2018, where he will certainly meet resistance from a real Republican., 😉

What if this was the News Headline? “BREAKING: UPS, USPS, and FedEx will now open, inspect, and catalog the content of ALL PACKAGES!”


Since when is it Ok for a courier to look inside of your packages? Since when is it Ok for a courier to keep a database of everything you ship after they look inside the box? That is exactly what Technology Companies and the United States Government are doing with your communications.

We have laws that protect “Intellectual Property.” This Article is protected by Copyright laws because every few weeks I submit my content to the Copyright Office. My words are my property. Your words are your property!

Why do we allow companies like AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and so many others to look inside our packages?

The invasion of our privacy goes well beyond recording our phone calls. It goes beyond tracking where we surf the web. These people know where we go. They know everything about us!

Imagine what Hilter could have done with this kind of power in 1935! Imagine how easily he could have controlled the world. Privacy is a WEAPON for FREEDOM! Taking privacy away GIVES OUR SECURITY to powerful people!

The 2nd Amendment protects our right to bear arms. The 1st our right to share information, speak, worship, and gather. The 4th our right to privacy AND “be secure in our papers.”

Secure in our Papers.

Why did people use paper in 1776? They used it to make spreadsheets, write letters, draw sketches, paint paintings, and so many other things. “Paper” IS A TECHNOLOGY. Paper is the tablet, or phone, or computer you are reading this Article from! The Press made it possible to mass-produce information on paper!

Paper was used to STORE DATA, save spreadsheets and documents. Paper was also used to SEND INFORMATION, send letters, write books, and send private messages. In fact, back in 1776 private messages were sealed with WAX so the person receiving the message could be confident the message was not intercepted. A broken seal meant the secret was out!

There was an EXPECTATION of PRIVACY and a way to ensure it!!!

The 4th Amendment says we have a RIGHT to be secure in our PAPERS! You cannot give up your RIGHTS under the CONSTITUTION in a contract. This is a long-standing precedent of law.

Why do companies and our government get to look at our papers without our knowledge or approval and without cause?

I bet Hitler would love the United States of America in 2017! We are RIPE for the PICKING! God help us all!

…let that sink in for a minute!

God Bless! God Bless America!!!

Did Obama snoop on you? …the answer will surprise you!


I don’t remember Watergate. I learned about in High School in the 90s. We all keep hearing “this is bigger than Watergate.” But what does that mean?

The sad truth is people don’t expect privacy anymore. Tim Allen recently made fun of the fact that we don’t expect our privacy anymore on an appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show. He highlighted how people are ok with a Google taking pictures of your house. At 2:23 of this video he said:

“If the government drove by with … a gray sedan and with a camera on it, you’d be rioting, going to Washington, but if it’s white with emojis and Google on it; your (excited) waving at it”

Americans don’t trust the Government, but they truth corporations. I would argue people know the government hears everything they say but don’t seem to care. People make all kinds of excuses.

We have all heard the excuses…

Well, the government can’t listen to everything.

They won’t single me out, I am not important enough.

That’s the problem with modern education. We don’t learn history anymore. I hope this recent discovery wakes people up.

Not only did the Obama Administration spy on Trump and his team. They also spied on every day Americans. Are you a Trump supporter?

Oh, no Obama didn’t spy on you. No, you aren’t important enough? Really?

He slipped it in there. “some Trump Supporters.” This just makes me mad. Who the heck is Obama to spy on me?

We also learned that Sharon Ride is the person who requested the Unmasking of everyday citizens. The first problem I have is why are our communications being saved? Why is the government allowed to listen to our private conversations without a warrant?

I expect the Trump Administration to find out who did this and lock them up!

We have to SHARE, Tweet, and Port this on Social Media!

Democracy is Dying the Shadow cast by the Mainstream Media!

God Bless! God Bless America!!

Watch this 82 year old man CRASH the Anti Ivanka Trump protest.


“Gay rights” are a tricky topic. It doesn’t matter where you are on the spectrum. Someone will always hate you.

I happen to think Marriage, at least the Union recognized by God, is between one man and one woman. Duck everyone, hate it coming my way. But WAIT!

I also happen to think the government is too involved in our lives. If the government wasn’t so involved in our private lives, the Supreme Court could have never redefined that 6000-year-old word, marriage. Gays have had Civil Unions for years.

All of that aside, Ivanka Trump stood up for the Gay community encouraging President Trump not to sign an Executive Order. That Executive Order would have been bad for Gays.

Apparently, the militant Left doesn’t care. Her maiden name is Trump. That means she is their target.

A recent protest in the street in front of Ivanka Trump’s home almost got out of hand. That is when an 82-year man who lives in the neighborhood took action. He took to the street and shared a few choice words with the Communist Rabblerousers.

Have a look for yourself!

It is honestly sad that these people are allowed to get away with this. The best thing he said was: “Do Something.”

I don’t know about you, but these people are starting to make me laugh. If you are a parent, you know what it is like to see your child throwing a fit. After a while, the fit becomes so obviously FAKE that you can’t help but laugh.

That is where I am at. The fit throwing from the adolescent-minded Left is way past serious. Now it is just a big joke. Who can take them seriously? I can’t! Can you?

God Bless! God Bless America!

I included a few more things from their “Queer Dance Party” enjoy! Be sure to share this with other. Thanks Again!

Oh yeah just one more thing! Ivanka Trump was visiting family. She wasn’t even at home. Who is laughing now!!!

Trump Storms Out Of Room After Not Signing Executive Order? -The Truth about what really happened!


The Mainstream Media is at it again. They are making news out of thin air. We all know President Trump signs Executive Orders at his desk.

Headlines exploded across the Internet yesterday after a CNN Video was released. The video seems to show President Trump leaving in a hurry after a reporter asked about Michael Flynn.

That is NOT what happened. If you watch the clip closely you will see that Trump was not behind a desk. He was behind a podium. Has Trump ever signed an Executive Order behind a podium? The answer is NO!

The reporter literally created FAKE NEWS by repeatedly asking the same question over and over again. They know that Trump won’t answer. They ask anyway, over and over again!

The Ceremony was over, Trump was leaving. Look at the FULL Video. You can skip to the last minute and watch what really happened. You will see that NOTHING unusual happened! Why did CNN put this edited video out, instead of the full video?

Trump did not storm out of the room after failing to sign the Executive Order. According to CNN he did. According to Dailymail he did. Please, someone in the Mainstream Media needs to explain why the are lying to us?

Someone, please show me a time when President Trump signed anything standing up!!!

The title of my article is true, but the FACTS tell a completely different story. The same way the full video tell a much different story than the video published by CNN!

Ladies and Gentlemen, this whole story put on by CNN and every other Anti-Trump Media outlet is FAKE NEWS!!! We have to make sure everyone knows the TRUTH! Please share this, Tweet this, Comment on it, and drop it on Gab.ai  People deserve the TRUTH!!!

Mike Huckabee just gave the Mainstream Media a stinging endorsement!


Mike Huckabee is not known for pulling punches. His Twitter account has a history of hard-hitting Tweets. Long before President Trump took the spotlight, Mike Huckabee took Twitter shaming to a whole new level.

Don’t get me wrong. President Trump has done so much to stop political correctness in our country. I am thankful that men like President Trump and Mike Huckabee are fearless with their Twitter Accounts. Well, Huckabee did it again.

Let’s just say his ringing endorsement of the Mainstream media kind of stings!

I decided to send out my own Tweet. While you are at it, jump out there and follow me on Twitter. 😉

Happy April Fools Day! The only day you can take the Mainstream Media Seriously!

God Bless! God Bless America!!

Why did you share that on Social Media? …that’s Click-Bait!


We all know what Click Bait is, right?

Most people get offended when they follow a link only to find a jungle of advertisements and almost nothing worth reading. For some their experience with the “news” is more like a trek in the Amazon Forest. Those folks are clicking on the wrong Click Bait.

Sorry to remind you of this, but Click Bait is everywhere. It’s on Billboards, Buses, the Newspaper, the Television, the Radio, and yes the Internet. I don’t have to remind you of the satellite radio advertisements that repeat those musical toll-free numbers three times.

I won’t remind you of what you might hear every night about ten minutes before the nightly news starts. Ok, I will tell you. It goes like this…

“Coming up at five o’clock this thing you just have to see.”

You sit patiently through the entire program to see that one thing you just had to see, sometimes being let down as the segment lasted a whole fifteen seconds.

Click Bait is everywhere. It is how Publishers like me, get you to consume my products. My products are free as long as you are willing to tolerate a few advertisements on my page. You tolerate those ads as long as I don’t make you fight your way past popups or trick you into clicking on something or abuse your privacy.

The nightly news is also free, as long as you can stand the fact that they blare the volume on the commercials and they CONTROL the NARRATIVE. Free isn’t free after all.

Both of my Grandfathers used to say “Nothing, is really free!” You have to pay the price. In the case of information, or media the price is advertising. Publishers learn very quickly that they must respect your time or you won’t consume our product, no matter how enticing the title…

BUT, not all Publishers are the same. Some publishers have owners with very deep pockets. Those owners care more about what you think than providing you with information, facts, or truth.

That is why you see headlines that are catchy and headlines that seem to give you the whole story. Click-Bait, when used properly, isn’t that bad, I believe it is useful for selling your ideas. I think Narrative-Push titles are inexcusable!

Click-Bait titles

A “Click-Bait” title is used when a Media outlet wants you to read what they wrote. For some organizations, those titles are used purely to make money. In other cases, they are used to encourage readers to get the full story. In most cases, it is a combination of both.

You have all seen my “Click-Bait” titles. When you follow a link to my story, it is a win-win. I win because I make a few pennies on advertising, you win because I don’t charge a fee.

You win because you get a better understanding of what is really going on from my perspective, and I win because you now see my perspective. Most Media outlets do their best to give you what you came for.  If not, you wouldn’t click on the links anymore.

You only have to get burned a few times before you learn to never click on a link with name again!

Narrative-Push titles

“Narrative-Push” titles are often used by so-called “Non-Profit” news organizations and the Mainstream Media. A Narrative-Push title is one that you will share on Social Media, but you are unlikely to read. We see those kinds of titles out of organizations like BuzzFeed all the time.

You have to wonder, how does a “non-profit” news organization pay their bills? More importantly, who is paying those bills?

“Narrative-Push” titles are used to push a “Narrative.” Very few articles with any real substance are being read about the alleged Russia Trump connection. Buzzfeed will use a title that suggests there is a connection. When you read it, you find it is all circumstantial at best.

BUT, those articles get shared like wildfire on Social Media. Organizations like BuzzFeed don’t make much money on those articles. That has to make you wonder why they wrote it in the first place.

What does it profit them to publish a story that few will read? They profit because they get to control the narrative. People don’t read the story, but they read that title over and over again on Social Media.

Narrative-Push articles shape the thoughts of more people than articles like mine. They are expensive to write and generate very little profit. BUT, that’s Ok with those who write them, because they are controlling the “narrative, ” and they don’t have to prove anything! All they have to do is get you to share their propaganda title on Social Media.

Why do you share what you share?

Some of you who follow me on the various Social Media platforms read every single article I write. For that, I say THANK YOU! I have a daughter who starts college after this summer; I need every penny I can get. 🙂

I try my best to write things that make you think, cover the facts, get you excited, or explain how things work. Of course, I am not the “news,” everything I write is my opinion. Honestly, that isn’t much different from the so-called news which is supposed to be writing the facts, and that is a shame.

Those of you who read everything I write know that I write a fair amount of Click-Bait. You also share it; the question is why?

I have learned that there are two reasons people will share something on Social Media. The first is you agree with it, are entertained by it, or find it informative. You think others would also like to read it. When that happens, I did my job well.

The second reason is you agree with the title or wish it was true. You want others to agree with it as well. In that case, the Propagandists have done their job well.

Closing thoughts.

Folks, PLEASE don’t get duped by “Narrative-Push” titles.  The Liberals are kicking our rear ends right now because of those titles and their FALSE Narratives. With the war on “Fake News” started by the Mainstream Media, it gets harder every day. Facebook has turned their entire process over to the Liberals from the Poynter group.

President Trump is providing some cover by calling out the real Fake News. It helps, but WE THE PEOPLE have to change the way we think. If we don’t stop allowing the Liberals to control the narrative a lot of people will never hear the truth!

As far as my Click-Bait, well, it encourages you to read it, get the facts, or another opinion. It is always better to learn for yourself, than to follow the heard, over the cliff!

I can remember by Grandmother saying “Well if he jumped off a cliff would you do that too?”

The Mainstream Media has a place. Their social duty is to bring us the news. It is not their duty to control the narrative, but they will if we continue to let them.

We the People should not be narrated to! We should get the information, read and hear other people’s opinions and decide for ourselves. Life is not a storybook for the filthy stinking rich to dictate what we think, feel, and learn. Life is ours to experience, grow, and learn.

You won’t share one of my Click-Bait titles unless I deliver. Why would you share a title you didn’t even read.  😉

Who knows, if I keep writing and you keep reading, maybe someday someone really important will share one of my articles. It would be nice; since I have enough equipment and bandwidth to handle healthcare.gov and some.  😉

God Bless! God Bless High-Quality Click-Bait!! God Bless America!!!

Whitehouse was HACKED BY RUSSIA under Obama in 2015. Was Russia actually helping Clinton get elected?


ABC News reported the hacking of the Whitehouse, along with several other news organizations. In their reports, they have detailed a conversation they had with a Whitehouse official. The ABC News report says:

“One person briefed on the hacking said the Russian invaders were difficult to detect and difficult to remove from the White House computer network, and some believe the hackers could still be hiding inside the system tonight.”

CNN also reported the hacking. They detailed how the Russian Hackers were able to get into the system. The CNN report says:

“The State Department computer system has been bedeviled by signs that despite efforts to lock them out, the Russian hackers have been able to reenter the system. One official says the Russian hackers have “owned” the State Department system for months and it is not clear the hackers have been fully eradicated from the system.”

While the Mainstream Media is busy hammering away at the allegations that Russia coordinated with the Trump Campaign, they have overlooked the fact that Russia has been hacking everyone and everything they can for at least 15 years!

The Whitehouse intrusion was detected early in the month of April 2015. The Obama Administration took the systems down for several days after the intrusion was noticed. At that time key systems administrators noted the Russian Hackers “could still be hiding in the system.”

In August 2014 AlJazera report that it was discovered that Russia had stolen over 1.2 Billion passwords over several years. Those passwords affected as many as 420,000 websites. They explained that this breach was exposed by a U.S. Security firm.

September 2014 CBS News reported that Russian Hackers had stolen 5 million Gmail passwords.

October 2014 USA Today reported that Russian Hackers were behind the JP Morgan Chase data breach. Again in October 2014, the Washington Post reported that Russia used a Zero Day attack to hack into NATO.

December 2014 Sony was hacked. Several media outlets suggest that Russian Hackers were behind it.

In October 2015 the Business Insider reported that Russian Hackers stole from the Dow Jones! BUT, the Dow Jones refuted that report, we may never know the truth. The Russian Hacking epidemic was so bad that Newsweek wrote an article dedicated to Russian Hacking. The title of their article: 


I detailed only a handful of the well-known attacks by Russian Hackers. Russian Hacking has been ongoing as far back as 2001, as evident in this 2001 Russian Hacking report by ABC News.

So here are the questions we should all be asking!

If the Democrats were so concerned about the elections, why didn’t the Obama Administration do more to protect against “hacking?”

Did the Obama Administration plan to have their agenda “fail safe” keeping alleged “Russian Hacking” in reserve to discredit Trump if he won?

Is the Mainstream Media colluding with the EU, Hillary Clinton, Obama, China, and Globalist Billionaires to discredit President Trump, using the Russian Hacking narrative?

Please help me spread the truth about Russian Hacking. It has gone on for years. The Obama Administration did little to protect against it.

People need to know about Russian Hacking, but not because of Trump. They need to know the full history of Russian Hacking.

The BIGGEST QUESTION is… Did the Russians Interfere in the 2008 and 2012 elections that allowed Obama to win? After all, Obama did tell the Russians “I will have more flexibility ONCE I am elected!” He didn’t say IF, he said ONCE!

Do you think those elections should be investigated? I do! What so you?

Please Share this on Social Media! We need to make this go VIRAL.

God Bless! God Bless America!!!

The long dangerous shadow of the Mainstream Media! How, democracy is drowning in Darkness.


Did you notice the Washington post changed the tagline on their website? They did, shortly after the election. President Trump called out fake news from several Mainstream Media companies.

The propaganda machines fired up across the globe. They have to protect their interests. They don’t work for us.

You don’t have to go far to see the propaganda at work. Just turn on your Television and tune into ABC, CBS, NBC, BBC, PBS, CNN, or just about any other channel except the One America News Network or Fox. The Globalists have released their hounds of hell on the American people.

The truth has literally become the lie. If it attacks Trump they say it. They don’t seem to care if it is true.

Small outfits who try to get the truth out are meeting resistance on Social Media. Twitter, Facebook, Google and even Amazon are targeting “fake news”. What that really means is they are attacking anyone who stands in the way of their globalist agenda! Silicon Valley is the worst abusers of immigrants in the country.

Their workforce is 35% immigrants. The average income of a legal immigrant is 42% lower than American Citizens. Silicon Valley along with the Mainstream Media don’t want you to know the truth.

If ever there was a time we needed to talk, it is now! The shadow of big government, big business, and big media is choking out the truth. It was all part of the plan. Just look what Obama said to a room full of Liberals before he left office!

I suspect Obama is running the entire operation from his house only a few miles from the Whitehouse. We have to make sure people get the truth. That means we have to SHARE, Tweet, Like, Comment, use gab.ai and talk about it with our friends and family!!!

We cannot let the TRUTH DIE in the Shadow of the Mainstream Media!

God Bless! God Bless America!!!

ARMED men just told Trump Supporters to “come with us!” UNBELIEVABLE!!!


A few minutes ago, just outside of Mar-a-Lago a group of Trump Supporters were told something scary, at first, then exciting. A dark SUV filled with armed men drove up to a group of ladies and said: “You need to come with us.” The ladies were concerned at first.

After the US Secret Service, correction White House Staff, explain what was going on they were happy to go along. They got in the SUV. While in the SUV they made a video.


I don’t know about you, but that is REALLY COOL for President Trump to do that for them! This is completely UNBELIEVABLE. Did Obama ever do this for his supporters? Oh wait, he never had people showing up to support him like Trump does…


She got a great picture!!!


Here they are leaving!


I have to admit I am just a little jealous, BUT HOW COOL IS THAT?!!! Do you think President Trump is AWESOME? If so share their joy!

God Bless! God Bless President Donald J. Trump!! God Bless America!!!