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This is just too funny to pass up. Once I got up off the floor I had to write this post. I guess they start them off young over there.

What would we do without the internet?

Marine Le Pen Just Told Lebanon to take the Hijab and… She just set Liberals on FIRE with this!


OMG! Boom! Hillary Clinton never had the nerve to do anything like this.

Marine Le Pen just “politely,” told the leader of Lebanon what he could do with their Hijab! If only all politicians would do this. Why should the French Politician be forced to follow some ancient archaic custom?

The Left is already loosing their lunch over this. The hypocrisy of the Left is Amazing. On one hand, they say Marriage between and man and woman in outdated, on the other they demand that politicians conform to Islam.

Liberals are running around like they were just set on fire! I love this! Simply, Amazing!

My hat is off to Marine Le Pen!

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Numbers your posts on F-ce b-_k, so your friend and followers will know what F-ce b__k has censored!


Facebook doesn’t care about the Constitution. They only care so far as they can abuse the law to achieve their own goals. The concept of freedom of speech falls on their deaf ears.

This is why Blogger should number their posts. When you post something to Facebook just drop a number at the beginning. This will allow your Facebook followers to know how much of your content Facebook is censoring out.

The same way newsletters are numbered. We have to fight back against this Communist censorship. We the people provide all of the content for Facebook. Why should they be allowed to ignore our values?

We should not have to demand that an American company use American values. It is a shame that an American company does not respect the Constitution. Sad days ahead, indeed! When you are forced to make a company comply with the very values that allowed them to succeed, you know your nation is in jeopardy!

Number your posts, it’s time to fight back! Please SHARE this and let’s get everyone working together to STOP Facebook Censorship!

BREAKING: Angry Mob Storms Heritage Foundation


A Communist Mob stormed the Heritage Foundation starting at around 11:15 AM on April 25, 2017. The Daily Signal started a live stream on Facebook to capture the events. The police arrived and the live stream ended shortly thereafter.

I am looking for updates on this even as they unfold. I will update this article as more information comes available. For now, have a look at Communism in action:

Protestors are gathering in The Heritage Foundation building in opposition to Trump's budget.

Posted by The Daily Signal on Tuesday, April 25, 2017

These communist organizers are getting out of control. This protestor openly admits their intent is to shut them down. She openly admitted they are committing a crime on Social Media.

A picture of the organizer just before they stormed the building.

Another speaker, just before they stormed the building.

The Daily Signal is trying to get answers.

Protesters descended on The Heritage Foundation to protest President Trump's budget. We find out what they're opposed to and why they're out protesting today.

Posted by The Daily Signal on Tuesday, April 25, 2017

A second Video from The Daily Signal.

We're live with protestors in front of The Heritage Foundation.

Posted by The Daily Signal on Tuesday, April 25, 2017

I don’t know about you but I think we need to start locking people up. This is happening now, let’s keep the employees of the Heritage Foundation in our prayers. When you have this many angry people together anything can happen!

These Two American Icons just showed that Trump’s America First policy is working.


President Trump isn’t shy about his love for America. In fact, he seems to go out of his way to bring attention to American companies. Before and after his election he has been seen putting a spotlight on American companies.

Who can forget the iconic picture of Candidate Trump on “Trump Force One” eating a cheeseburger and fries from McDonald’s? McDonald’s was established April 15, 1955, in Des Plaines, IL. This American Icon is known around the world for their cheeseburgers, fries, and McNuggets.

Trump recently invited Caterpillar to the Whitehouse. The picture of President Trump behind the wheel of a Caterpillar Tractor has made its rounds on the internet in many forms. Meme makers have had their fun with this one.

Today both companies shattered expectations. They both reported higher than expected earnings. The Yahoo Financial News report was titled:

“Two iconic American brands just crushed expectations”

The rise in both stocks has sent the Markets into a rally. According to MSNBC, the increase in the Caterpillar stock alone has resulted in a 40 point increase in the DOW. Most Americans care about the markets to some extent, because in many cases our retirements are connected to those markets with our 401Ks.

For Trump Supporters, like me, one thing is very clear. Trump’s American First Policy is working. American Companies continue to thrive under his Administration.

Today is good news all around. I just wish I he would retweet one of my posts. After all, I am all American! 😉

Chobani, Alex Jones, Donald Trump, and Washington Post FAKE NEWS


It’s trending on search engines. Alex Jones supporters are defending InfoWars. A small community in Idaho claims they feel the effects of the impact of what they claim is “false” reporting from Alex Jones.

Here comes the Washington Post. Look, everyone, Alex Jones is “chummy” with Donald Trump! Wait! What?

Half way through the Washington Post article about this you will find this:

Jones has enjoyed a surge in popularity in the past year, buoyed in part by his chummy relationship with President Trump, who appears to have based some of his own conspiratorial views on Infowars stories.

By the way, Alex Jones was already popular before he interviewed Donald Trump! Are you sure the surge wasn’t actually the other way around?

The real story:

So here is what is going on. Chobani is suing Alex Jones, according to the Washington Post. Chobani claims their business has been harmed by a report that says tuberculosis is more prevalent and that Chobani employed criminals, in a nutshell.

Honestly, this isn’t really news at all. Companies sue news outlets all the time. Especially when those companies are negatively impacted by those news reports.

Only time will tell if Chobani is able to convince a jury that Alex Jones lied. That is the only way they can win. If it turns out what Alex Jones reported was true, well too bad Chobani.

I won’t sit in judgment on a report by Alex Jones. The fact is, he has a scary history of being right. I wouldn’t want to say either way. I might find myself in the courtroom.

BUT, what does any of that have to do with Donald Trump? Why is the Washington Post using news that is completely unrelated to Donald Trump to attack Donald Trump?

A little history:

Do I have to bring up the fact that Brian Williams interviewed Barack Hussein Obama on multiple occasions? I am not saying Alex Jones is at all like Brian Williams, only that Brian Williams is a confirmed FRAUD. To date, no one has proven that Alex Jones is anything except a passionate reporter who covers things no one else will touch.

Hey Washington Post, stop making Fake News!

Facebook wants to put a chip in your brain.


Do you like Facebook? Most people have an account. Imagine the world where you can argue about Politics by just thinking about it.

Well, that is exactly what Facebook wants. The world’s largest Social Media company wants to put a chip in your brain and connect it to their network.

Imagine the power Mark Zuckerberg will have. It’s awesome! Mark Zuckerberg can command you to wake up and BAM your eyes pop open. No need to set that pesky alarm.

Those will be the days!

What a wonderful world it will be when you don’t have to remember anything. Want to look something up on Google? Just think about it and they will give you their answer.

The whole world will be on the same page. Never again will someone prefer Sushi over Steak. We will all love our daily portion of gruel because that chip in our head will make us think it is Steak, or Sushi, whichever we prefer.

Backchannel explained what the Ex-Darpa Head, Regina Dugan who left Google for Facebook, said:

Dugan says that she won’t be fazed if some people freak out about this. As someone who’s worked on emergent technology for a long time, she says that it’s best to concentrate on the work, confident that it will ultimately result in improving our lives. She uses the Human Genome Project as an example of an initiative that unsettled people at first, but now is accepted as something that will produce huge value. She also vows that Facebook will have some sort of ethics framework to make sure the work doesn’t violate privacy or become misused.

Of course, we can trust Facebook to follow their privacy policy, and tell us everything about how the system works too. The government will keep them honest! That is why we have the Media to keep them both honest, and who doesn’t trust the Media or the Government?

Just go with it. One little chip in your forehead, another one in your wrist and you are all set. As far as those who don’t want to be assimilated into the collective, well they just won’t get to eat, will they? We can starve those rebels out!

Why does this sound like something straight out of the Revelation according to John? Now, we have to worry about those pesky Christians! Not to worry, in twenty years we will be rid of that Constitution that keeps getting in the way. It’s only a matter of time…

So, are you ready to be a beta tester for the Facebook Upgrade?

Facebook is Hiring

For that matter, hey they are looking for an Engineer on the project. No Joke, here is the link, and I saved a screenshot of it just in case they take it down!

Sarcasm, not Satire!

I wish I could say this is a joke. It’s not, I am being completely sarcastic, not satirical, and they will put a chip in my brain over my dead body. BUT, these people are serious and aim to get this done, if not to us, then our children!

We aren’t there yet, you say? Oh really! Remember these from 20 years ago? I had one. What do you carry today?

Science hasn’t made it that far yet, you say? Really, remember what these used to look like 20 years ago?

If that isn’t enough, this is from 2008! This is very real!!!

I would encourage you to read the entire article that inspired my sarcasm. Here is the link.

Two years ago DARPA was already working on this. Here is another one that explains how the military is building brain chips to treat PTSD, I wonder what else they could use those for?

You can’t make this stuff up folks.

This brings a whole new level of creepy to Facebook latest “Augmented Reality” project. I’m just say’n…

Why Facebook should Verify the Identity of anyone who submits a report.


It is too easy to report something to Facebook. Over the years I have been forced to verify my identity multiple times. I have experienced issues with posts that do well, then just stop.

Based on the recent activities of communist organizers I strongly suspect that Communist are collaborating to attack American. I won’t lump the vicious unAmerican Communists in with my Liberal friends. No, the people that are attacking all Americans are Communists. It is that simple.

I love a good debate with someone I disagree with. It often helps me understand the issues from another point of view. It is All-American to engage in healthy debate.

What we see today is not healthy debate. It is organized, Anti-American activist. Communists who follow the Marxist Ideology believe that in the end, all societies will end up Communist. They ignore history and cling to their godless Ideology.

Today their victims are “Conservative” tomorrow it will be what remains of America. Facebook is what it is because of American Freedom. They owe to the American People to verify every person who submits a report on Facebook.

Allowing the Bots, Fake Accounts, and Paid Agitators an unequal voice on Facebook can no longer be allowed! I believe congress should pass a law that requires any Social Media company who takes action against a user to first verify the legal identity of the person making the complaint. Then the person who was reported should be notified and told exactly who has Slandered them!

No more Slander in the Dark!

Please SHARE this a million times and let Congress Know we mean business!

How Facebook is allowing Liberals to silence Conservatives.


In the good old day when you banned a user from your page, they could no longer see your page. Well, it seems Facebook slipped a little something extra in a recent update. Banned users can now see your page.

There is no benefit to banning users. The online trolls who have nothing better to do can still see your content. They are using this to attack Conservatives.

I have noticed serious problems with my Facebook pages over the last several months. Now I understand why. Facebook has changed the rules making it easier for Liberals to attack Conservatives.

Modern Liberals use angry tactics to silence and intimidate Conservatives. Facebook not only allows for ugly words, they now provide the tools to do it. The new little “Follow” feature allows trolls to monitor your page without “Liking” it.

I think it is the time we turn the tide. Conservatives should “Follow” anti-Trump pages. Make sure you report things that are not right.

In the meantime join me on Gab. You can find me at


Why I moved to Gab. Bye Bye Facebook


The Mainstream Media is full steam ahead in their attack of a new Social Media platform called Gab. They are lying when they tell people that most Gab users have been banned from Facebook and Twitter. That is simply not true.

I have NOT been banned from Facebook or Twitter, I have a Gab Account. In fact, because Facebook is heavily censoring my posts, I moved to Gab. Facebook keeps wanting more and more of my money.

I finally said enough is enough! So, from now on you can find me on Gab. You can setup a free account. There is a waiting list, BUT they usually send you an invite pretty quick.

Here is my farewell video to Facebook.

One last time please SHARE this on Facebook and Twitter. Let everyone know I have a new virtual address. …and as I always try to say!

God Bless! God Bless America!! Thank you for READING!