You’re Fired! Tillerson is out Pompeo is in on the eve of critical negotiations with North Korea.


Rex Tillerson is out as the Secretary of State.

Yesterday at around noon Trump called Tillerson to tell him he was fired. This comes on the eve of critical negotiations with North Korea.

The President wasted no time in delivering the news directly to the country. He sent a Tweet over the head of the Mainstream media.

As you can see, he also announced that Gina Haspel will become the first woman to lead the CIA.

President Trump also made comments to the Media and Press as he was about to board Marine One. Saying:

“I wish Rex Tillerson well.”

He also commented on the great working relationship he has had with Mike Pompeo.

No need to rewrite the Constitution, if no one can read it. The lost art of Cursive.


I was stunned to learn that my 14-year-old never learned to write in cursive. I don’t recall what brought the topic up, but I recall the look on his face when I showed up with a stack of third-grade cursive books from the bookstore, and a plan to teach him handwriting over the summer.

It was one of those moments as a father that I told my son, “You will thank me later, now just do it.”

As a technology consultant for twenty years, I have watched first hand as jobs have left the country by way of California. The high and mighty Silicon Valley Tech demigods have convinced the world that EASY is the way to go.

There is little regard for common sense. People increasingly rely on technology. I believe the greatest threat to our freedom is the internet. People don’t study anymore, they just look it up on Google.

New drivers don’t have to remember how to get around anymore, they just put the address on their phone. Sometimes I wonder how many people would know how to get to work without their Smartphone.

That brings me back to handwriting. In all fairness, I have always had poor handwriting, but it was legible. Most kids these days don’t even know what the word legible means.

Handwriting is a basic life skill. What happens when you find yourself needing to write a letter? What happens if you are so broke you cannot afford a Smartphone?

I started doing some research on the issue. What I found was absolutely shocking. By my count over two-thirds of public schools don’t teach children how to read or write in cursive anymore.

I see that as a recipe for disaster. That translates into the next generation being completely illiterate. Sure they can read printed text, but how will they read the Constitution?

We worry about our children keeping their freedom. The truth is those who want to do away with the Constitution have taught our children to look down on things from the past. Have you ever seen how a child looks at things that are old?

What does the Constitution look like to our children? Just another old outdated thing to be done away with. I find the thought terrifying.

How will they function without a Smartphone in their hand? Who controls those Smartphones?

I believe we are setting our children up to be slaves and I think we need to bring handwriting back to our schools. There is no more a basic life skill than being able to read and write.

Schiff is full of ‘silence’ as House Intel Committee spokesman says: “We’ve found no evidence of collusion.”


Over a year after President Trump took office, the House Intelligence Committee plans to release a report stating that they have “found no evidence of collusion.”

According to the Washington Post:

“Republicans also determined that while the Russian government did pursue “active measures” to interfere in the election, it did not do so with the intention of helping Trump’s campaign, contradicting the U.S. intelligence community’s findings.”

CNN writes:

“The decision is expected to be met with sharp criticism from Democrats, who have said there are still scores of witnesses the committee should call, and argue that Republicans have failed to use subpoenas to obtain documents and require witnesses to answer questions that are central to the investigation.”


The first reports of the plan to release findings were published early this morning. Adam Schiff has not Tweeted at all since that time. When this article was published Adam Schiff was still silent and no reports have been published outlining any statements he has made.

I contacted Adam Schiff’s office this morning after the first reports came out. At this point, he has not returned my call. His curious silence could signal that Democrats know they have been defeated and the truth has prevailed.

Or, it could signal a detailed counter-response is coming. If it is coming from the Democrats we know it will do nothing except muddy the water.

In either case, we can be sure Adam Schiff is full of a lot more than just silence.

UPDATE: I guess Adam Schiff read my article. Eight minutes after I published this, he Tweeted. I guess he is full of more than just silence.

If you are moving into a 40 story high rise, sorry to tell you, you aren’t a Texan, you are Left Coast Liberal Raider.


They say everything is bigger in Texas. By in large that is true, except our cities.

Growing up in Texas.

When I grew up in North Texas the Dallas skyline wasn’t filled with high rise condominiums that are today packed with Left coast liberals and built with Eastern old money. Nope, people didn’t live downtown back then.

Texans wanted a yard big enough to have a garden and chickens out back. Shoot, two houses down the Rich family bought 4 extra lots so they could have horses out back. My aunt and uncle owned an extra lot behind theirs so they could rotate between a cow and a lamb every year. I’ll tell ya, my Aunt Gen grew some cool stuff in her greenhouse.

I know what you Colorado people are thinking, and NO, my uncle Larry was a full-blown Southern Baptist preacher so, no, Aunt Gen wasn’t raising what you are thinking. The only high my family ever got was high on life with good clean living and a healthy fear of God.

My other uncle owned nearly an acre with a massive garage out back. He didn’t have chicken, but man did they have a garden some years.

I grew up next door to my grandparents, and they had it all. Chickens, a garden, and they had a lamb every few years. My Granny had rabbits, and let me tell you, a fried rabbit is way better than fried chicken.

Today things are changing in Texas and it isn’t for the better.

The Left coast invasion.

Today eastern old money is building like wildfire in downtown Dallas. It all started when they demolished the old coal-fired power plant downtown. I blame Mark Cuban and his pie in sky liberal lunacy.

He built the Mavericks/Stars stadium where that power plant used to be, now the east coast money keeps pouring in. They build it and the Left coast liberals are dumb enough to pay five prices for a view. A view filled with more and more man made crap.

These tree huggers from California come out here, move into their energy-sucking condos, drive their lead-filled electric cars, ride around on rent-a-bikes that they leave laying all over the place, and throw their trash in the streets and then try to lecture us on saving the environment. Don’t get me started on the God-haters, they are worse.

They come in and the first thing they do is toss the Bible, God’s word, out the window and start preaching “hope and change.” The next thing you know we have the Boy Scouts adopting an anything goes policy. Yes, the National Boy Scouts of America is based in North Texas.

Not only do we have to deal with hypocrite tree huggers and God-haters, now we have to deal with these globalists. They think it is better to send jobs overseas than to help your fellow Americans by keeping the work here.

The worst part is these Left coast liberals have no idea how to think for themselves. You have to be extra careful when you drive downtown because you are guaranteed to have some moron walk out in front of you because she or he is staring at their master while they walk. A smartphone that is, there ain’t nothing Smart about a Smartphone.

Those God Forsaken little devices have people praying to the same Silicon Valley demigods that drove them to Texas in the first place. In the Bible, we call them Baal.

Yep, Texas is changing all right, and it isn’t getting any better. Our only hope is to do something about those Left coast liberals who are sending us their tree hugging, God-hating, globalists cult members.

It is time to take Texas back, which means its time to get serious about technology development in Texas. We don’t need or want any of those Liberal companies here, we need Texans to bring back what used to be Telecom Corridor in Richardson. We need to give California a run for their money.

If we don’t, the only thing that will get bigger in Texas is our taxes and our social problems! The worst part will be that kids won’t know where the corn and green beans and hamburger meat comes from, now that will be a Texas-sized travesty.

God help us save Texas!

President Trump is finding out some things are not up for negotiation, Texas.


I am just about the biggest Texan Trump supporter you will find but even my support for the President has its limits and I am not alone.

President Trump is finding out just how serious Americans are about protecting our basic human right to bear arms. Our right is enshrined in the Constitution and the only way you get my guns is to take them from my cold dead hands.

Liberal lawmakers have tried to chip away at our right for generations and for generations we have fought back. Texans are especially familiar with what happens when governments get too much control.

Texas “Come and Take It”

In 1835 Mexican Colonel Domingo de Ugartechea was ordered to retrieve a cannon left in Gonzales. After a few political games, the Colonel decided to use force. Around 100 Texans repelled the Mexican army and kept their cannon. As word spread east the battle was often referred to as the “Lexington of Texas.”

After an embarrassing defeat by a ragtag group of just 100 men, our family tradition holds that the famous cannon found its way to the Alamo. It was there that the Mexicans decided to make an example and take that cannon back.

In 1836, after a 13-day siege, Mexican General Santa Anna brutally and sadistically slaughtered 257 Texans on Holy Ground, but not before those Texans took at least 800 of those Mexican imperialist bastards with them.

To this day the battle cry “Remember the Alamo” holds a significant meaning. The only way you get a Texan’s guns, it to pry them from our cold dead hands!

If I didn’t know better, I would say anyone born in Texas has the genetic coding that will never allow us to lay down and let anyone EVER slaughter us like Santa Anna slaughtered those 257 brave souls at the Alamo. That was the day the Texas Revolution turned in Texas’ favor, and the last time Texans would ever allow anyone to oppress them.

Not the Mexicans, and certainly not some Left Coast or East Coast gun grabbers!

This brings me to the recent Liberal attack on our right to bear arms.

Gun Control

Every time someone trips over a bullet the Liberals come calling for our guns. It is happening again, in the wake of the mass murder committed by a troubled 19-year-old in Florida.

President Trump took to Twitter this morning to air his concerns and what he is planning. In those Tweets, he admitted “not much political support (to put it mildly).”

About an hour later he seems to have dropped the age limit and is focusing on Gun Free Zones.

Smart Move Mr. President. I think you are doing a great job, but I would hate to think you would lose all of us Texans over some 19-year-old who had problems. Problems that were more likely caused by technology and the endless assault on the AmericaFamilyiy not guns…

Gerber Kawasaki CEO threatens Trump supporters, Tweet disappears once Dan Bongino called him out.


The never-ending emotional banter used to demean and target Trump supporters reached a fever pitch on Sunday. The CEO of Kawasaki Gerber went on a Twitter rant.

His singled out business owners and potential donors in LA. His targeted harassment included a threat to identify those who host or attend the upcoming Trump fundraiser.

The insanity doesn’t stop there. He continued by saying “we will boycott your business'”

He seemed to be enjoying himself, even responding to some of the Trump supporters when he replied to his own Tweet calling Trump Supporters “trumpys”

That is when things got serious. Dan Bongino from Fox News reTweeted the original Tweet calling for a Boycott of Gerber Kawasaki. Several other users responded saying they had reported the Tweet for targeted harassment.

Within minutes the high and mighty Ross Gerber’s Tweet disappeared. The only thing you see when you try to see that Tweet now is a message from Twitter.

It remains unclear if Ross Gerber backed down in the face overwhelming odds, or if Twitter removed the Tweet for violating their policy related to harassment.

One thing is for sure, he will have a hard time convincing some Trump supporters to let him manage their money.

Seven companies that support lewd propaganda against President Trump. Will you boycott them?


As a blogger of over ten years, I know how important it is to balance my content between my opinions and the words I use. I must be extremely careful to support my conclusions with links to fact-based news articles. I also have to be very careful to use words that are not offensive.

Like never before conservatives, Christians, and especially Trump Supporters are under increased scrutiny. Our advertising dollars have all but disappeared because of militant corporations and thought police activists.

At the same time, some blogs claiming to be news sites enjoy the increased availability of high-quality advertisements. In a nutshell, the anti-Trump blogs have hedged out the pro-Trump blogging community and nearly monopolized those advertising dollars.

The Anti-Trump blogging community is stronger than ever and they are flush with cash. Cash they have systematically diverted away from Pro-Trump blogs to their own causes.

In the end, this means less good news about the best President ever, and more left-leaning anti-Trump swill swirling around in the bowls of the internet.

Imagine my frustration when I noticed a trending article. The title is shockingly abusive, dishonest, and has implied sexually undertones.

After seeing my revenue shrink to nearly nothing over the last year I decided to take a look and see who exactly is supporting this disgusting content. I was amazed to find these major companies supporting the Anti-Trump movement. I was even more shocked that those companies aren’t more careful with their filters.

One filter with the word used in this article title would protect their brand. Many of these big names refuse to advertise on pro-Trump blogs. The excuse they use is “fake news,” what does that even mean? I am not surprised to see them sacrifice their own brand quality to support the neverending diatribe of attacks on President Trump.

Lewd anti-Trump propaganda supporter #1:

Microsoft proudly advertises their Microsoft CSP program right above the title.

Lewd anti-Trump propaganda supporters #2 & 3:

Fingerhut proudly takes its place next to the title with Sherweb offering its VOIP service above.

Lewd anti-Trump propaganda supporters #4,5&6:

Esurance loves being on top, while GoodRx is happy on the side and is content to be on the bottom, right below this abusive title.

Last but not least…

Lewd anti-Trump propaganda supporter #7:

Enterprise isn’t happy with just one Ad. No, they have two ad slots. Apparently, they don’t want the most aggressive anti-Trump propagandists to go hungry!

I hope someone sees what the companies are doing. They are attacking everything that is good about President Trump, and promoting anything, true or not, that makes our President look bad.

Don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere. I know the rules and do my best to stay positive in this terrible time to be a Trump Supporter. The Thomas Dillingham blog will never die, even if I have to run without any Ads!

The question is, will you vote with your money and boycott these 7 companies. After all, that is what they are doing to those of us who have good things to say about our President.

All of these images were collected on 3/11/2018 using my personal computer and Google Chrome in anonymous mode. There was no tracking data for these advertisers to key their ads off of.

Did Conn. Governor unwittingly admits that the left acts “like a terrorist organization?”


Globalists have been emboldened by a group of children held up by leftist media and the rash legislation recently signed by Florida’s governor. In the wake of the emotional fallout of the shooting at Parkland High school, emotions run high and logic is an afterthought. Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy’s recent schoolyard tactics highlight how modern Democrats use methods that would make Stalin proud.

Did the Governor unwittingly expose the left, admitting that their tactics are like that of a terrorist organization?

In his attack Malloy ignored the obvious impact of technology on our children, instead, he cast the right to bear arms, not as a means to preserve individual freedom, but a menace.

The NRA responded to his assault by posting his comments on their social media accounts. On Facebook alone, the NRA’s post has been shared thousands of times and created a lot of conversation.

NRA members will not be intimidated by anti-gun politicians like Governor Dannel Malloy. Like and share to show Gov. Malloy that you’re a proud NRA member!

Posted by NRA – National Rifle Association of America on Wednesday, March 7, 2018

It wasn’t enough that a sitting Governor made a public association between law-abiding citizens and militants who use violence to effect social change. Instead of apologizing for his blatant attack on millions of Americans he doubled down attempting to make people believe he did not say exactly what he said.

On Saturday NPR released a report alleging an interview with the Governor. According to NPR the Govorner told them:

“I said that the NRA acts like a terrorist organization. Webster’s defines a terrorist organization as one that uses fear to effect its goals. What organization in America has used fear better than the NRA?”

Unfortunately, NPR apparently did not view his press conference. The Governor IN FACT said:

“They [NRA Members] act (stutter, stutter) quite frankly, in some cases, as a terrorist organization.”

It isn’t his assault on law-abiding gun owners that stands out, instead, it is the sentence he used next. In just a few words the Governor described the exact tactics used by the people he just called terrorists.

“You want to make safer for guns, we will boycott your company. That’s who they are, that’s what they do.”

In other words, the Governor just claimed that boycotting a company is the same as blowing up a train station, beheading prisoners, setting up roadside bombs, and suicide bombers.

In his own words, an organization that engages in boycotts is acting like a terrorist organization. Let’s have a look at other organizations who use boycotts.

In 2012 GLAAD boycotted the Girl Scouts of America over their transgender inclusion policy.

HRC, the Human Right Campaign, a Gay activist organization has a buyers guide, so you can avoid those pesky traditional family values.

In 2013 a group called the Atheist Revolution called for a boycott of Hobby Lobby because of the business owners stance on traditional marriage and certain types of birth control.

The truth is, I could write a hundred pages of boycotts that were used by all kinds of groups to attack one another. The earliest reference to a boycott dates back to the 1790s and was used to effect the abolition of slavery in England.

If what the governor says is true, then everyone who ever decided as a group to stop interacting with a business is a terrorist.

In my title I asked:

Did Conn. Governor unwittingly admits that the left acts “like a terrorist organization?”

I think you know the answer, or it may depend on what side you are on…

The real question is, why is the Governor so eager to label the NRA as a terrorist organization and associate them with groups like ISIS?

Maybe he doesn’t want to talk about the five police officers who were slaughtered in Dallas, Texas, because of racism.

Or, the presumable failure of the Democrat Sheriff to deal with the shooter on one of the dozens of visits by his officers, because of his policy to give people multiple chances.

Or, the fact that the overwhelming majority of mass killings take place in gun free zones. because that just makes sense {sarcasm}.

Or, the fact that states who allow teachers to carry concealed weapons don’t seem to have these shooting because that does make sense.

Or, the fact that our rapid adoption of technology lines right up with the increase in mental health issues, and mass killing, because we have had machine guns for a hundred years and smartphones for ten years. In fact, those Smartphones have been used to stage nationwide walkouts.

No, the Governor would rather you just give him your guns, because you should all know you can trust the government. Like I said, Stalin would be proud!

This ain’t “news” just my opinion.

Will there be another Unite The Right rally in Charlottesville? Jason Kessler is suing to make it happen.


Who can forget that fateful day on August 12, 2017, when a black Charger slammed into a crowd of protestors in the roadway injuring dozens and killing one?

Overnight the country was on fire with a desire to destroy what remains of our history. Monuments to our past were being torn down by angry mobs. Racial tensions reached a level that must have made Obama proud.

On that day, one person died and hundreds of years of history would be wiped away as a result. Who was behind the madness in Charlottesville? One man, who realized his dream of one day standing at the center of chaos.

He even wrote:

“We get so caught up in the emotion of the violence that we don’t consider the long-term, historical consequences. To put it bluntly: the planet is overpopulated already. Maybe we shouldn’t try to cure every disease, we shouldn’t confiscate all the harmful drugs, etc. Perhaps we’d be happier if we made peace with the fact that rabid animals are going to dwindle the herd from time to time (as they have in much greater volume throughout history) & that’s not really a bad thing in the long run.”

A man who once all but worshiped Obama. Then something changed? It seems as though overnight Jason Kessler had a change of heart. His creaton worship of Obama miraculously disappeared.

Did he see the light? Did he get woke? Did he get red pilled into reality? I don’t think so.

He latched onto the Trump Train praising the almighty Trump. Like a slobbering idiot just awake from his slumber his every word made the Mainstream Media happier and happier.

The Media loved the idea of creating a villain, a racist Trump Supporter. They held him up and said look, look at this moron. These are the racist people who voted for Trump.

In only one day Jason Kessler managed to roll back thirty years of advancement in racial equality. In one day a single useful idiot did more damage than Obama could do in eight whole years… …and that is saying a lot!

In one day he did more damage to the Make America Great Again agenda than CNN did in Trump’s first 100 days!

Now, NOW! This man wants to do it again. Yeah, you heard that right, he wants to do it again. The city said no, just like last time. So, he has filed a lawsuit, just like last time.

Only time will tell if the madness will return, but if I were a betting man, I would bet that Trump Supporters don’t get fooled twice.

While we wait, let’s remind ourselves of exactly where Jason Kessler came from. I don’t believe for one second that Kessler is a Trump Support, neither should you. Now spread the word so Trump Supporters don’t fall prey to this snake oil salesman!

While you ponder let’s review few more things:

On December 9, 2015, he wrote:

“I can’t think of any occupation that I admire more than the professional provocateur, who has the courage & self-determination to court controversy despite all slings & arrows of the world.”

And here are a few more Tweets to top things off. For the record, I could find not a single Tweet about Boston, except the one where he claimed he was “red pilled.”

There is plenty more where these came from, but I think I will save the best for last… All of these Tweets were collected moments after the violence. Long before Kessler could go back and scrub the past. I collected these Tweets myself.

Those who know me, know just how sick and tired I am the racial double standard. Sick and tired of seeing low-income Americans who happen to be “white” coming out worse than minorities. Sick and tired of the constant attack on “white” men, especially married “white” men.

I have reached a point in my life where I really don’t care what people think of me. I am a multi-national, multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, 8th generation American who happens to have pale skin and gets freckles.

Shall we talk about what the English did to Irish women? That is after all where my freckles come from! Racists call me “white!” I am an AMERICAN!

My beef with Kessler is nothing more than a disdain and disgust for people who cause chaos at a time when what we really need it common sense and level heads! It is time for Professional Race Baiters on ALL SIDES to be put out of business, once and for all!

–This article ain’t “news,” just my opinion mixed in with some FACTS and the evidence to back it up! –Thomas Dillingham

California’s Gov. Brown talks of “war” after Trump sends Sessions to speak to Police Officers in California


In the wake of a lawsuit challenging California’s newest immigration law. From the White House, President Trump dispatched Attorney General Jeff Sessions to California on Wednesday where he spoke to members of the Alliance of California Law Enforcement.

Addressing those in attendance in Sacramento Sessions said California is using…

“powers it doesn’t have to frustrate federal law enforcement.”

“You can be sure I’m going to use every power I have to stop that.”

Session also talked about the common sense approach to immigration embodied in the Trump campaign. Connecting the Trump administration lawsuit to the Constitution he explained that the power over immigration is granted to the United States Government, not the states.

It wasn’t long after this that Governor Brown of California held a separate press conference and went on a fiery tirade directed at President Trump and Jeff Sessions.

According to CNN, the Govorner accused the Trump Administration of…

“going to war” with California

During the Governor’s tantrum, he even went so far as to accuse Jeff Sessions of being from Fox News.

In another gaff aimed at the Trump Administration, the Govorner accused the Attorney General of engaging in a political stunt.

The Governor may be concerned about the growing divide within California and how it could impact Democrats in 2018. Brown is not eligible to run again. In recent months an effort was started to create a New California because of the stark differences between the ultra-rich who control the major cities and the rest of rural California.

In the end, the Governor failed to undermine the calm and collected speech from Jeff Sessions, Brown repeatedly attempted to deflect the immigration discussion to the Meuller investigation.

But not even CNN was distracted by the deflection, they closed their news article by quoting Attorney General Jeff Sessions who said:

“Stop treating immigration agents differently from everybody else for the purpose of eviscerating border and immigration laws and advancing an open borders philosophy shared by only a few, the most radical extremists,”