Stop blaming me for your decision



I think everyone who reads this will know exactly what I am talking about. The Ted Cruz and John Kasich camp has done nothing but complain since Donald Trump forced both of them to take their campaigns underground. As if people are stupid enough to think that Ted Cruz doesn’t have one more dishonest trick up his sleeve.

We have all read it or heard it, “If Hillary Wins it is your fault.”  EXCUSE ME! Don’t blame me for your decision to split the party.

Don’t blame me for your decision to attack the presumptive nominee. Don’t blame me because you are a sore loser. Don’t blame me because you want to make good on your primary election threats of staying home after your guy gets beat.

Don’t blame me because you are too blind to see that Ted Cruz, John Kasich, Bernie Sanders, and Mrs. Bill Clinton are all playing for the same team.


Right now in the United States, we have two parties. The Party that is completely controlled by the filthy stinking rich. That party uses two different symbols. One of them is a “D”, and the other is an “R”.

The other party is our party. The people’s party. The party of people who are finally ready to take our country back from the elite Crony Capitalists.

Sure, Donald Trump is running as a Republican but the truth is Donald Trump is an American who wants to take our political system back to its roots. He wants to put the power back in the hands of the voters. He wants to do away with all of the back room good ‘Ole boy nonsense that has driven our national debt to $20,000,000,000,000.00, that is TWENTY TRILLION dollars. Fit that in your wallet, why don’t you?


The next time I hear someone tell me it is my fault I will tell them, NO.

NO, it is your fault, because you continue to support the fascist system designed to benefit the Crony Capitalists. Stop Blaming me for your choices.


When someone tells me it will be my fault, I am reminded of a Drunk telling me it’s my fault he fell on his rear end while trying to stand up from the bar stool…  Please, sober up! You are drunk on your own self-righteousness, not my willingness to support my candidate!


Crony Capitalism and Donald Trump



A vote for anyone except Donald Trump is a vote for more of the same it is a vote for the Cronies. You either vote for a Crony or you vote for the people. I am done arguing over it. The facts are available for everyone to see. You can explain it to your kids if the Cronies keep him out of the White House because they will be paying for it.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks to supporters as he takes the stage for a campaign event in Dallas, Monday, Sept. 14, 2015. (AP Photo/LM Otero)
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks to supporters as he takes the stage for a campaign event in Dallas, Monday, Sept. 14, 2015. (AP Photo/LM Otero)

Donald Trump is not a Crony Capitalist; he made his money off of the Crony Capitalists. It is genius, really, he made his billions by selling high end things to the filthy stinking rich people… Have you ever seen a Trump tie in Walmart? No, because he doesn’t want our hard earned money, he wants the money that the Crony Capitalist are taking out of our pockets…

Think about it!


My grandfather fought socialism in World War II and he was at Pearl Harbor when the Japanese launched the surprise attack that pulled us into that great War. I have great uncles that died in World War I fighting socialism.

Socialism is a dangerous idea. Socialism is Communism. The problem with our country is called Crony Capitalism. What is Crony Capitalism?

Here is the way I see it: Crony Capitalism is a Triad, a three-legged stool, and Donald Trump will take one of those legs away once he is in the White House! He will expose one of those legs with the truth as the President. He will break the final leg with Trade Deals that make sense for ALL AMERICANS!!!


What are the three legs? The Government, Media, and Crony Business.

Crony Capitalism is like this. You have the Government who makes laws that allow certain (Cronies) businesses to take unfair profits and squeeze out the little guys. The government is controlled by elected officials. Elected Officials get money to run and stay in office and thus keep their power. With that power, they make and enforce laws that benefit the businesses. Ever wonder how a Representative can start in Congress making less than $150,000 a year but leave a millionaire?

You have the media who spew nonsense to keep everyone occupied and not paying attention. They spread the “message” or “messaging” that benefits the candidates of choice. The message also deflects criticism of Crony businesses. They attempt to literally control the masses with propaganda.

They profit from advertising dollars from businesses and they make a killing during the elections… Ever wonder how these politicians can afford to cram every second of advertising during elections with a campaign ad? Ever wonder why there are only 5 major media outlets? Ever wonder how a talking head can make millions?

Not every business falls into the “Crony” category. But the ones that do, are the ones that give Billions, as Mr. Trump would say that is a “B”, Billions of dollars to Politicians and the Media.

How can they afford to do this? The Government makes laws so the Crony businesses are the only ones who can compete. Net Neutrality? NAFTA? TPP? Anti-Union Laws? Pro-Union Laws? Foreign Trade Deals that leave Americans in the cold?… I could go on and on with this but you get the idea…


All three of these legs are needed for these Cronies to keep ripping us off. Take one out and it all comes crashing down. That is why those who are against Trump are trying to make it look as if everyone is against Trump.



EVERY Crony who is currently PILLAGING our Country is against Trump!
People who are paid by the Crony Businesses are against Trump.
The media is against Trump.
Even the British Royals are against Trump!

Think about it!!!
Every single Crony will lose their gravy train if Trump is elected.

We the People will finally have a fair shot again when Trump wins!

Look all I want is a fair shot. Do you want a fair shot or a handout?

As far as Bernie is concerned, look I get why he wants to do what he wants to do, but I do not agree that socialism is the answer.
Hundreds of thousands of US Military men and women died to STOP SOCIALISM!!! We are not Communists!

Hillary is a Crony’s Crony.

Ted Cruz is a Trojan Horse for the 7 Mountain Dominionists, and Kasich just wants to get to retirement…

When I work I should keep more of my paycheck than I give to the government (Cronies)…
Socialism will only take more of my money and more of my freedom and give it to the Cronies!

Our government is supposed to protect us from Cronies and Commies. Not feed our young to them!!!

What we need is to chop the legs off of the Tri-Ads’ Stool!!!
Trump will do that, Vote how you will.

Regardless of the outcome, I will keep my Veterans for Trump sticker on my car as a friendly reminder to those who did not vote for Trump. It will stay there until 2024…

Liberals, Conservatives and Extremism



Conservative, yep that’s me. Through and through till the day I die I will be a die-hard conservative, BUT…


Have you ever considered that our nation has survived over two centuries because Liberals and Conservatives have been able to get along and work together for our common defense? Our nation even survived a really bad Civil war. We are still one Nation assembled together for our common defense.


Have you ever thought that most liberals are reasonable and most conservatives are also reasonable? I believe that the overwhelming majority of liberals and conservatives are reasonable.

I have liberal friends. One of my friends is a lawyer. He has won cases before the Texas Supreme Court. He is smart, his children are a class act and I very much enjoy hanging out around the campfire talking about politics with him.

He is about as liberal as they come. It might seem amazing that we get along. We don’t fight or protest each other. We don’t call each other “lib-tard”, or “redneck”. We get along.

Its simple really, he knows I’m right!

Not really, actually, we do the civil thing and discuss our differences and find common ground. Once we reach a point where there is simply no solution we acknowledge that our nation was meant to unite people of different opinions for OUR common defense. We know that philosophically our view of how things should be done are different, but at the end of the day we get along and we find solutions to our differences where we can.

So what in the world is going on with politics today? Why are Conservatives and Liberals being so ugly to one another? Here is the dirty secret the filthy stinking rich don’t want you to know. Liberals and Conservatives aren’t being ugly to one another. So what in the world is going on with politics today?

Why are Conservatives and Liberals being so ugly to one another? Here is the dirty secret the filthy stinking rich don’t want you to know. Liberals and Conservatives aren’t being ugly to one another. Uninformed passionate people paid activists, and rabble-rousers are being ugly to one another and every day Liberals and Conservatives are being caught in the crossfire.

I think we have too many extremists intentionally wearing the label Conservative or Liberal. We have people in our country who are so extreme and inflexible in their ideals that they have become Anti-Conservative and Anti-Liberal. Just think about it.

We see riots in the streets being paid for and supported by people who also support Liberal causes. We have demonstrations and social campaigns being paid for by people who also support Conservative causes. We have other filthy stinking rich people paying for unrest on both sides. Is all of this nonsense really necessary? I don’t think so.

I think there is a time and place to stand up for what is right. Recently I had the privilege of watching a community in which Liberals and Conservative banded together to defend a community tradition. Some outsiders decided they would try to infect our community with a message of hate and intolerance. The community pulled together and sent a message to those outsiders. The outsiders went away and we went back to debating over Liberal or Conservative solutions to local problems. That is how America is supposed to work.

This nonsense of destroying property, burning flags, rioting, fighting, and violence is not American. In fact, it is anything but American. The people who engage in this kind of crime while calling it civil unrest are not following the American ideals of tolerance and cooperation for the common defense. They are nothing more than political operatives for a handful of filthy stinking rich Crony Capitalists.

Crony Capitalists are very well established and are no different than a Communist Dictator, or a Queen, or a King, or a Pope. They are people who have tremendous power over other people and are willing to kill to keep it, like Kings, Queens, Popes, and Dictators. The only difference is that Crony Capitalists buy off a lot of people to stay in power.

Instead of paying off a Queen, they have to work hard to stay in power. How convenient would it be if violence got so bad that the people demanded a King or a Queen, or worse martial law? With only a handful of leaders or God forbid a dictator, those Crony Capitalists would only have a handful of people to pay off. People come to power most often because of civil unrest and revolts…


So my Liberal and Conservative Friends what can we do about it?


First we need to stop engaging in the name calling of the other side.

Second, we need to disavow ourselves from this kind of nonsense and never ever use it as leverage in any discussion

It is never an excuse to change a policy because of violence or the threat of unrest. NEVER. Peaceful demonstrations are one thing, violence is simply not acceptable.


It is time the Liberals stood up to the Anti-Conservatives, and the Conservatives stood up to the Anti-Liberals. Our country has never been anti-anything except anti-establishment.

We were founded on anti-establishment principles. No Church, No Queen, No King, No Pope, No Potentate, No Filthy Stinking Rich Guy should ever control our country!

If we don’t stand up to the extremists they will rip our country apart and the Filthy Stinking Rich Crony Capitalists will get right back in bed with the Kings, Queens, Popes, and Dictators of the world…

…and we can all kiss our “Constitutional Democracy” our “Representative Democracy” goodbye!

Oceans, the enemy and their conquest…


usa-flag-1133963_960_720One Nation under God, Indivisible with Liberty and Justice for all…


The pledge of allegiance has its roots in our Constitution. It is our Constitution that we support and defend. The flag represents our nation.

Our nation is based on the Constitution. Without the Constitution we have no nation. Without our nation the enemies of the world would destroy the ideals of our Constitution.

Freedom is not in the interest of the warlords. Freedom was not in the interest of England when we declared our independence…


We all know the pledge of allegiance. As children most of us recited it every morning in school. Back then we knew we were Americans.

Our allegiance to our country was implied, assumed and reinforced every day. No one ever questioned who we were, we were all Americans! It did not matter if we went to church or if we had to wash the car on Sunday.

It did not matter what heritage our family came from. We were all Americans! The last thing we had to worry about was an enemy thousands of miles away.

Our parents did not have to warn us about our enemies because if we were not with our parents, friends or other families we were safe and secure inside the walls of our home, school or church. Our parents never had to teach us about the tools of war. We were already learning some of those tools on our own in school…


No one had a smartphone, the internet did not exist and if you started tweeting in class you were sent to the principal’s office for making strange noises. When your teacher approached with the ruler you knew you were done for and the wary silence from your classmates told the story of your shame.  😉

Yes, I am guilty of that. We didn’t think much about our enemies. We didn’t have to because our parents (for those who had two) read the newspaper, or took in the morning or evening news.

That was their job.  It was our parents’ job to keep us safe. They rarely talked politics and we were shielded from those serious private conversations reserved for the adults. For us, our job was to get our homework and chores done so we could go outside and play with the neighbors. After all, who else would we play with?

When we reached High school we learned World History and United States History and somewhere in those classes our teachers hopefully took time to inform us about propaganda. Propaganda, a tool of war, we would learn was used by all sides to change the hearts and minds of the enemy. It was a weapon used against us, and it was a weapon we used against our enemies.  As we got older we came to realize that the name calling and school yard pranks we did to one another was nothing more than propaganda for kids. We would learn, that you can defeat your enemy and never touch them.


Another word for propaganda is lie.

A simple three letter word that some have said literally separates us from God.  If you ascribe to what the Bible says you know our troubles all started with one lie. Lies are evil and harmful and even little white lies can hurt someone.

Propaganda is just a big fancy word for lie. In and of itself the word propaganda is a lie because the word describes a lie as something more complex and crafty, even witty. Propaganda can be crafty and complex, but it is still just a lie. Sorry if I went too deep on that one, but the point is, a lie is a lie regardless of what we call it.


Those enemies we learned about in school were safely thousands of miles away. Depending on your age, there was no way the Soviets, the North Koreans, the Vietcong, or the Nazis could get to us.

Our old enemy England, from which we won our independence, could not get to us either. We were free to be children and our parents knew that the two great oceans protected our country from invasion. The oceans that separate us from our enemies also protected us from their ideas.

Sure, some of us were required to read Hitler’s “Mein Kampf”,  but it was carefully framed around the history and evil of Hitler’s rule. We knew going in because our teachers made sure we were prepared to extract the proper information without being sucked into the mind-warping and harmful ideas presented by Hitler.


Information was filtered by American journalists from abroad who ascribed to the idea that truth was paramount. Editors understood the importance of the American ideals that made our country the safest place on earth to live.

In those days our parents conspired to keep our country free from radical and dangerous ideas. Radical ideas like socialism and dangerous ideas like those preached by Mohamed. Journalists had integrity and our parents voted with their money. We were safe from those radical and dangerous ideas because the enemy could never get to us.


Today those oceans have cables that stretch from continent to continent. Across those cables lives the internet. With the internet our children do not enjoy the benefit and protection of thousands of miles of ocean. They do not enjoy the censorship of adults who are able to filter through those ideas and report on them in the proper context.

 Our enemies can reach our children in seconds.

Our enemies can take our young impressionable children and turn them against everything our forefathers stood for. I argue all the time that our enemies have already started, they started it in the 60s and 70s with the Beetles, Elvis and free Love.

The natural barriers that once protected our children, the oceans and mountains no longer matter. With airplanes and internet, radical and dangerous ideas are free to move unfiltered. Nature no longer protects us. The next time you read something, online, remember the enemy is just one click away. The next time you pay your phone bill, remember the enemy is just one click away from your children and that phone you pay for…

Today the enemy is not as far away.  Today we must teach our children the values that are American, because if we don’t our enemies will…

They will conquer us with their words, they will destroy our nation and never fire a single shot!

Look around, seriously, look around and try to convince yourself the enemy is not waging a war against us. A war of ideas that has us divided against one another when we should be united against the world!

Why I am voting for Donald Trump – Reason #4

Bible with a 9mm pistol.

Donald Trump has his priorities straight, as I suggested in reason # 3. You have to wonder, while he helps us fix our economy what else does he see as a priority? Or more importantly, how can we make sure he doesn’t run into problems getting the job done for America? These are very important questions and the answers to the questions lead right into my 4th reason for voting for Donald Trump.

drowning in debt

Donald Trump clearly knows that our nation cannot stand if we continue to drown in debt. He knows we will become slaves to the people our country owes. When our debts reache a certain point, things will get really bad. Today it is hard for a common man to find a job good enough to raise a family. It will be worse if our debt continues to grow. Things will be really bad when entire families cannot make enough money to survive.


Today most common men cannot afford to raise a family. If a man cannot raise his family, the great American experience will die and everything that we stand for will be lost to history. History is written by the winners and we will no longer be the winners.

The evil of this world has a history of abusing God’s authority to control men. That same evil also has a history of using force and violence to trap and scare people into slavery. Slavery isn’t always what you may think it is.

Slavery exists today. Human trafficking is one example. The horrors that a young woman will face when she crosses our border illegally and a coyote demands payment. Payments are sometimes taken it very disturbing ways.

Slavery may be illegal but people become slaves to circumstance all the time. How is that mortgage, car or rent payment working out for you? …but your not a slave? …ask a homeless family what they are willing to do in order to have a roof over their head.

Our forefathers knew this evil very well, and so does Donald Trump.


The men who risked everything to start this country knew how the evil of this world worked. Those men saw people suffer terrible things in the name of Kings, Queens and Popes who claimed to be empowered by God. Those men saw first hand the violence against people who did not have weapons to fight evil men.

They witnessed cruelty for the entertainment of the establishment. They knew how evil could nearly destroy the human spirit. Evil was done in the name of God to keep evil people in power.

Today things have changed so much it is nearly the same, the only difference is religions have new names. While men still abuse God’s name for their own purposes and mislead many people. We have new religions that avoid the distinction of being legally called a religion.

The purpose of these new religions is no different than the man-made religions and the people who falsely claim to speak for God.


Today religion has added new forms. Some of those new forms of religion escape that pesky 1st amendment. Instead of proclaiming that God exists they simply proclaim that he does not exist.

Other new religions claim that God has spoken something special or new to someone else, someone new. False religions have existed as long as written history can go back. False prophets have deceived mankind for generations.

Today “science” has become a new faith and a new religion. If you believe a theory not supported by facts then you have an argument, you have a conviction, and you functionally have a religion, and you are no more righteous or less religious than I am!

We see the abuses of power today with Federal land grabs, overreaching environmental laws, ridiculous requirements on our cars, lawnmower laws, special traffic lanes, and even government grants to figure out how to make Bar-B-Que smoke less harmful to the environment.

While new religions have been created some old religion continue to murder the innocent and try to scare everyone into submission. Organizations ask for your money in the name of God and then use it to move their own political purposes. Evil indeed exists today just like it did around 240 years go when our country was started.

A new tyranny is growing along side some other older types of evil and Donald Trump knows we MUST be able to protect ourselves!


Shortly after the Constitution was complete those same men who wrote the Constitution realized it was missing some important things. The first thing it needed was something to prevent men from abusing the authority of God for their own purposes. A clear separation between men who claim to speak for God, and men who are elected to speak for the people.

In order to call out the evil of this world, we would need to be able to speak freely without the power of the government to shut us up. The government has no business giving favors to men who claim they speak for God or anything else that can be used force us to keep an evil power in place. After all, if God gives a man authority why does that man need the peoples’ money or authority?

The second thing missing from the Constitution was the ability of the common man to defend his right to freedom. He would need to protect himself from the evil of this world, if, God forbid, that evil was to ever get inside of our government.

The 1st and 2nd amendments to our Constitution ensure that false prophets, false Gods, and liars are never able to control us again because we have the right to speak and the right to keep weapons so we can defend ourselves and the ideals set forth by our Constitution.

Bible with a 9mm pistol.

My 4th reason is:

Donald Trump wants us to be free to speak the truth and have the weapons to back it up.

I don’t believe that Donald Trump fears the people, I believe he respects us. He respects us enough to make sure we have what we need to keep everyone in line! He respects our history enough to protect every word of our Constitution. He respects our Heritage enough to call into question any “religion”, man made or otherwise that is contrary to our values written over 200 years ago.

A heritage defended with the blood, sweat, and tears of the veterans who fight, train, prepare and plan to keep our nation free from the evil of this world. It doesn’t matter if that religion is Darwinism, Environmentalism, Feminism, Communism, Muhammadanism, 7 Mountain Dominionism, Sexualism, Capitalism, Mormonism or any other man made ISM… Donald Trump clearly understands our Constitution and what it stands for. He clearly sees it as I do, the most important document to ever be conceived by men apart from God.

In the absence of a direct revelation from God, men got the Constitution right. I will explain why I believe that in another post sometime in the future.

Donald Trump will support and defend the Constitution

It has been said that the only thing that has to happen for evil to win it for good men to do nothing. Good men understand that God exists and God makes his own rules. No man has the authority to speak for God.

 f a man tell me “God says…”  I will answer him by saying “Go jump off a cliff and then come back and tell me what God has to say to me!”

If you wonder where I stand with God. You should know that I have the assistance of a historical document written in 66 or so parts over the course of about 4000 years. I believe the modern day miracle that is the Bible is Truth and the revelation of God and with that Truth I need no man to tell me what God has to say.

Our Constitution was written to ensure that you and I can seek the truth without fear of evil powers and principalities.

Donald Trump, a man after my own sinful heart just trying to do right by God and his fellow man, one deal at a time!

Why I am voting for Donald Trump – Reason #3


In order to understand the third reason I am voting for Donald Trump, we have to review my first two reasons.

Reason #1 is simple.  He is making a huge personal sacrifice. People like you and I will never know what it is like to live in a home with golden faucets, servants, maids and a personal butler.

We will never know what it is like to get on our very own 757 and fly just about anywhere we want at any time we want. We will never know what that kind of luxury or freedom is like, but we can imagine what it might be like.

This begs the question, why would Donald Trump leave his life of ease to take on the most difficult job in the world? That question only makes me appreciate the huge step down that Donald Trump will take when he is elected our next President.

In Reason #2, I explained that Donald Trump really understands money. So, Donald Trump is first willing to leave his life’s work and live a relatively sacrificial life for at least four to eight years, and second, he understands money. He understands global economics and how bread in Talty Texas is connected to rice in Dunang Vietnam and oil on the coast of Brazil.

As I have said before HE GETS IT!  He understands that our country is at a point in history where the future of our children is literally at stake.  He understands that now is the time for good men to do something.  He understands that in order to fix our country we must first bring prosperity back to every day Americans.


Donald Trump has his priorities straight!

We all know what money is and what it is like to be without. We can talk until we are out of breath about suffering for the greater good and getting by with what we have. Our nation has done it before.

 The settlers suffered.  Our great-grandparents suffered for the first two great depressions in the late 1800s. Our grandparents suffered through the great depression of the 20s. Our families suffered through World War I and II, Korea, Vietnam. We currently suffer from scraping bottom in the housing crisis after the turn of the century.

Trump, like us, is clearly sick and tired of seeing Americans suffer!


He understands that our problems today come from within. In the past our problems came from our enemies outside. Our enemies no longer drop bombs, they now plant ideas.

Those ideas were largely planted during the 60’s and 70’s. My generation was the first to grow up in America with broken families and fatherless homes; we are the Bastard Generation. Trump understands that the Bastard Generation, MY GENERATION, largely grew up in broken homes without direction from good men.

He understands that the American Family, and ultimately our very culture, are under attack from our enemies. He knows that apathy and dependence are their weapons!


Our prisons are filled with fatherless men and women. Our graveyards are filled with children murdered over drugs and gang violence. Our dumpsters are filled with the remains of murdered unborn children.

Our hearts are filled with despair and frustration and we all want a better life. We all want to fix what has happened to our once great nation. The nation our teachers told us about when we were in school. The nation we saw but for a little while when we were young.


The Bastard Generation is over the hill and we all want a better life for our children! Dependency and apathy will no longer fill the void because we know a change must come so our children will not be just another Bastard Generation!

Organizations profit from our despair; they live a Kings life while most of us barely get by. They pass judgement on us while they look down upon us from their ivory towers. When they themselves are agents of the enemy.

They themselves take the enemy’s handouts to feed themselves and leave us in the cold! They have families and success and pass judgment on us for not selling our souls for the same.


Organizations like the American Family Association, and the Human Rights Campaign are happy to slug it out over who can stick it to who while the Koch brothers and George Soros are HAPPY TO PAY FOR IT.


The flames of racial tension are stoked by men like Farhana Khera. Organizations like “Black Live Matter” grow increasingly violent and divide us by race, while George Soros funds them and Obama excuses them. The SPLC makes hate maps encouraging distressed men to take desperate actions.

The enemy pays for it to keep us distracted!

Organizations like the Democratic National Convention and the Republican National Convention are willing to take that same money and make empty promises all while they LINE THEIR OWN POCKETS!!!

The Democrats take from the rich and middle class, mostly the middle class, and give a little to the poor making them Bastard slaves to the welfare system. The Republicans give power to the rich so they can have cheap Bastard labor (slaves) from the poor and they too take from the middle class.

These excessively wealthy dictators are at war with the American people, they are not with us, they are against us! Donald Trump understands all of this.

He understands that the current system is rigged.  The game of life for everyday Americans is rigged. The filthy stinking rich get richer the poor get poorer and the middle class never ever move up!


If Donald Trump knows all of this then why did he wait so long to do something about it? It takes time to build a WAR CHEST and that is exactly what Donald Trump finally has…

Donald Trump has a 5 Billion Dollar War Chest and he is using it right now for you and for me, black, white, middle class, poor, old, young, smart, stupid, gay, straight, Bastard and otherwise! He is using it for America!

Donald Trump knows that even his children are not immune from the filthy stinking rich crony capitalists that are destroying our country. His children might last a bit longer than ours, but eventually those same men will come for his family too!

Donald Trump knows first and foremost that:


“We have to get our economy going again”. “We have to bring jobs back to our country”, “We have to trade SMART”, “We have to secure our borders.” “We have to do it.”

What he is not saying is we have to do it to restore the American Family. But, the reason is clear to me. While its true that Donald Trump has been married 3 times, the part that the dictators and their servants leave out is this:

His children are an example of himself… His ex-wives’ silence is support! As long as we as Americans suffer under the burden of excessively wealthy dictators we will never again prosper as we have in the past. Until we can again prosper so a common working man can raise his children and support his wife with a SINGLE JOB we will never be Great Again.

I don’t know Donald Trump, but from where I stand it looks like this man has been planning this for a very long time. The irony of it all is this: It is those filthy stinking rich crony capitalists that built his war chest and they don’t even know it!

As I said before Donald Trump has his priorities straight!

This article was updated for grammar mistakes.

Why I am voting for Donald Trump – Reason #2


I trust Donald Trump’s experience, and he really understands money!


Donald Trump knows how to negotiate:

Nothing irritates me more than a politician getting in front of me and laying out a “simple” plan for something that Albert Einstein would struggle to understand. The echoes through the halls of congress ringing “I have a 5 point plan that will fix everything” are ridiculous.

I catch myself talking to my smartphone saying “No, No, No you don’t have a plan, you have a list of priorities, you Idiot! …and by the way, you just told everyone how to beat you! Great job you failed before you ever got started!!!”


Donald Trump has been very careful and guarded with his plans and priorities. Some of his plans and priorities are published while some of his plans and priorities are “off the record”. That tells me he is a smart negotiator.

I won’t pretend to have the business ability of Donald Trump, but I know enough about basic negotiation to know that you cannot come to the table with a list of demands and expect to walk away pleased. When you go to a car dealer and make the mistake of telling them you can afford $300.00 a month, you are guaranteed to leave paying $399.99 a month only to go home and ask yourself where you will come up with the other $99.99 a month.

You have to keep your most valuable things off the table and know the other side will always, ALWAYS, push you beyond what they think you are willing to do. Once your most valuable items are on the table, you have lost.

Once the other side knows what you will settle for, they will push you just over the line and get more than they should. You have to keep your priorities close and your plans even closer. Donald Trump gets it and his record shows us a man who knows how to negotiate.


He is crazy enough to do the unthinkable and they know he is not alone:

We have all seen the articles that say “Donald Trump has been bankrupt 4 times.” When you see those reports, do you ask yourself how a billionaire could have ever gone bankrupt? I do, and the answer is in the details of those bankruptcies.  In an early debate Donald Trump said something like “I know how to make good deals… …sometimes you buy into a bad deal, chapter it, and turn it into a good deal.”


Donald Trump gets it, he has used the current laws to buy a failing business very cheap and then take that business through the legal bankruptcy process and make it profitable. That is what a “chapter” is. It is a legal process that allows a company to meet with its creditors and say “We are broke and we cannot pay you, but if you lower your interest rate, reduce our debt, or make other things happen we will do right by this debt and everyone gets something out of the deal, we really want to pay you but we need your help, if not, here are the keys to the building, Good Luck!

Bankruptcy is a tool for businesses and people. When Donald Trump said “chapter” he was talking about the legal process he used to restructure the debt of those companies he bought cheap. He then turned them around and in some cases sold for a profit. Bankruptcies are often used to keep people employed instead of closing the business entirely, pay back a creditor at a lower interest rate or over a longer period of time and so on.

In most cases, creditors know things will get better because there is a judge involved who will oversee the entire process. Also, once a bankruptcy has been filed that business cannot file again in 7 years so the creditor will get paid. Creditors in some cases will force a company to file bankruptcy in order to protect their assets.

Once a bankruptcy is finished that business is really on the hook, there is no escaping the deals that they made with their creditors, it does or dies.  If you take the time to research every one of the businesses that Donald Trump bought and then “chaptered” you will see that everyone walked away with a good deal. Everyone was treated fairly and Donald Trump made back the money he invested with a little extra on top. He took a no-win situation and made a good deal for everyone.

Donald Trump has owned, bought, sold, traded, opened and closed thousands of businesses in his lifetime and he has only used Bankruptcy 4 times. The fact that he has only used it 4 times is extremely impressive when we consider that most companies seem to stay in business after they file bankruptcy and good products never die.


Our government has tremendous power over our creditors and those creditors know Donald Trump is crazy enough to do the same thing to them. I believe that is why the establishment is attacking him so hard. The uncertainty of what he might do should scare our nations creditors, but it should not scare us, because Donald Trump is an American and he will put America first.

If he hurts America he hurts himself.  But, remember he only did this with 4 businesses out of thousands that he has been involved with. Will Donald Trump bankrupt America? I don’t think we are that bad off yet, BUT I would love to be a fly on the wall when he sits down with China and says “Well we could just default on those loans and then what will you do?”

If our establishment believes he is crazy enough to do it, the Chinese do too, and in reality, he might be crazy enough to do it. That is the power of keeping your plans and priorities to yourself. His willingness to do what needs to be done is scary I admit, but honestly what other option do we have?

As long as our nation is in debt up to our eyeballs, we are slaves to our debtors and China holds a lot of that debt. We need a real negotiator willing to buy into our bad deal and do whatever it takes to make it a good deal for everyone involved, Donald Trump is that man!

John F Kennedy wanted to deal with the debt problem as well. Kennedy wanted to abolish the Federal Reserve, and we see how that turned out. The difference between Kennedy and Trump is there are probably about 3 million military veterans willing to take up arms and defend our nation against all aggressors foreign and domestic.

If we are attacked like we were attacked when Kennedy was assassinated, I am afraid twitter might not be the only thing blowing up. If he is crazy enough to do the unthinkable, there are a lot of people ready to do the unthinkable to support him especially if they think the Constitution is under attack!


He understands what “Currency Manipulation” really is and what we have to do to fix it:

Donald Trump has repeatedly talked about how the United States is getting a bad deal on trade. He talks about it every time he has a chance. We have all heard him say “We have a 550 Billion dollar trade deficit with China and a 58 Billion dollar trade deficit with Mexico”.

Did you ever take the time to think about the reason we have that deficit? If you were paying attention you noticed that he says “they manipulate their currency”. What does that mean, “manipulate their currency”?

In order to understand currency manipulation, we have to look at our history and learn who the first person and country were to use currency manipulation. The answer to that question is Abraham Lincoln and it was the Union.

Abraham Lincoln literally invented currency manipulation because of the civil war. Abraham Lincoln went to the nation’s creditors and ask them to borrow money for the war effort and he was told it would cost us 24% to 30% interest. That is when Lincoln used the power of the Constitution to protect our nation. He created the “greenback”.


Enter the “the greenback”! Lincoln said NO, I won’t pay your interest we are a sovereign nation and we have the ability to create our own currency according to the Constitution. …and that he did, he printed $400,000,000.00 (400 million dollars) worth of greenbacks and paid for the war effort.

For all intents and purposes, you could say Lincoln “bankrupted” the United States by creating money out of thin air. Lincoln used the law to avoid paying unfair interest, much like the legal process of bankruptcy. Some years later Congress commissioned a study to determine how much money we saved and it was learned that Lincoln saved our country over 4 Billion dollars in interest to the banks.

After the assassination of Lincoln and a few decades of lobbying and good ole’ boy politics, the Federal Reserve was born in 1913. BUT his greenbacks were only interest-free for a few years before it was all rearranged to make sure the banks were getting their “interest” on our currency.

Currency manipulation is the printing of money with nothing to back it up and no interest being paid to the bank! Today the “Fed” a private institution has tremendous power given to them by politicians in 1913. Some say that power is enough to kill for, but my only question is why should we the people pay interest to a bank if we have the power to coin currency?



Some of the other countries don’t have that problem. Those countries don’t have to hide the fact that the ruling class puts themselves first. It is called communism where everything is controlled by the ruling class.

They can and do print as many greenbacks as they like and the more they print, the less valuable their currency becomes. That causes their currency to be “devalued”. I won’t get into the crazy conspiracy theories that Lincoln was assassinated by the bankers, but it seems odd to me that the only two Presidents who every beat the bankers ended up dead.

The big difference between Lincoln, Kennedy, and Trump is this:  Trump lives in a country where at least 75 million armed citizens can depend on him to protect their right to bear arms and right to freely express themselves. We have the ability to exchange information at light speed and that should scare the daylights out of whoever would want to hurt our President or soon to be President!


God help everyone at the Fed should something happen to Donald Trump. So many people have access to unfiltered information. There are several hundred million citizens who are armed with smartphones and other necessities ready to get to business protecting their rights. I think those in power already know that some Americans are crazy enough to do the unthinkable to protect themselves, especially when they feel they have nothing left to lose!

I have never been so concerned about the stability of our nation, but we have a mess to clean up and Donald Trump is the man to do it. Thank God Obama scared so many Americans into buying a stockpile of weapons and ammo, at least he did one thing right.

Please keep our nation in your prayers…



AMES, IA - SEPTEMBER 12: Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump greets fans tailgating outside Jack Trice Stadium before the start of the Iowa State University versus University of Iowa football game on September 12, 2015 in Ames, Iowa. Several GOP candidates campaigned at the event. (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

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Why I am voting for Donald Trump – Reason #1



He is willing to use what is left of his life to serve the people of our nation.

Donald Trump has spent his life building a 5 Billion Dollar ($5,000,000,000.00) net worth and he is willing to walk away from the comfort of his life’s work to serve our nation.

When Donald Trump becomes the President of the United States he will have no choice but to walk away from his hard work. He will have to turn all of his finances over to someone else. He will have to use a Double-blind Trust.

 n other words he will not be able to control anything he owns while he is the President nor will he be able to know any of the details of his businesses. All he will know is what he is worth. He won’t be able to do anything about his business if it starts to fail.

For a man who has spent his life building, growing and deal making it is honorable that he is willing to be in the dark for at least 4 years hopefully 8 years while he dedicates himself to serving the country and every one of us who are fortunate enough to be Americans.

Most people don’t see being the President as a sacrifice, but Trump is making a sacrifice.  Trump will have to fly in Air Force One, and compared to his corporate jet Air Force One is a Yugo. He will have to live in the White House and compared to his New York home the White House is nice, but it is not gilded in gold with personal aids and assistants at every door.

Seriously, from Billionaire to President is a huge step down in his standard of living. A standard of living that he earned and is willing to set aside for some time. Not only is he willing to live and work at a standard lower than he earned for himself, he will be doing this for everyone else, except himself.

He has made his life’s work about building his personal wealth. Now, he is making his legacy about serving and building our entire nation’s wealth and prosperity!

I have heard a lot of people talk about the prestige of being President and it is true that some Presidents have spent unreasonable amounts of time on vacation. But, Trump is a working man who loves making deals and winning. He won’t have time for a vacation because there are a lot of bad deals going on and a lot of losing he will have to turn around.

He is willing to set aside his Billionaire status and all the perks for a messily $400,000.00 a year (compared to what he makes now) and he will live in government housing in order to serve. He must take a step down in order to serve the people of our country. Everyone else who is competing for that job would be taking a huge step up, Trump is willing to make a sacrifice for the American People.

He is willing to walk away from his life’s work and all of the comforts it offers to SERVE our nation and we the people… This is true of no other candidate!

Of course, Mr. Trump could never actually say that he is making a sacrifice because his opponents would use that against him. But, I can, and I just did!

…and here goes: Thank You, Mr. Trump, for the sacrifice you have already made for the America that we both love, I hope you WIN the opportunity to sacrifice more in your goal to Make America Great Again! …what can we do to help you, Sir?

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KISS – A message to the 2016 Presidential Candidates


Keep It Simple Stupid!

A simple message from those of us who are not so simple-minded. In a nutshell, KISS means there is no reason to make things harder than they need to be, just keep it simple. The complex nonsense that is our United States Government is the problem.


So, if you want to know what the American People want, you will have to look at the forest and see it for what it is.

Don’t get caught up in the details, the President has to hire a lot of help to look at the details. If you cannot see the forest for the WEEDS you will never make a good President. A hint to those trying to keep up with Trump.

KISS IT! You are not required to have the solution or all the answers. Trump doesn’t have all the answers. Trump knows he doesn’t have all the answers. Trump has people who have the answers. Trump knows he has people who have the answers. Trump keeps his message simple, and his message is that he will put the right people in the right jobs to make American Great Again.

Sound simple doesn’t it.~!??

Did he just say that?


We have all been there. That moment when our friend or coworker makes the most abrasive comment about something while standing right next to a person you think will be completely offended. We have also all been there when someone says something out loud that everyone was thinking, but no one dares mumble.

When it happens to someone else we wait in anticipation for the reaction, slowly walk away, quickly change the subject, or in rare cases, we try to defend someone who can most likely take care of themselves. Since when have we the American people been unable to say what we think?

Since when is it so damning for us to hold an opinion that isn’t the same as everyone else? Since when are we the people who spend our days walking on eggshells and whispering what we believe to be true while silently accepting those things we do not agree with? Since when is “Social Acceptance” more important than anything else?

When I was growing up, we had a saying “sometimes you just have to call a spade a spade” meaning sometimes you just have to tell it like it is. While in the Marine Corp I learned that most of the time the best way to work out my differences with others is to confront the issue, not the person, head on and get to the facts about the issue so I can understand why we disagree. The Bible shares some wisdom on this too:  Proverbs 27:17 says “Iron sharpens iron, So one man sharpens another.”

Donald Trump boldly and loudly leads the current National discussion by doing just that. Those in mass media and some of those who disagree with him have called him crass, rude, cruel, mean and even evil. While those of us who agree with him never condemn what he meant but are sometimes quick to condemn HOW he said it.

So, what if it was you! Ask yourself questions. Did I wake up today planning to be offended by someone or worst planning to offend someone? If so, then never mind, but I doubt you did. What if it is you who is standing there when a person says something you disagree with?

What do you do? Do you simply shut up and walk around all day to avoid those subjects that everyone is emotional about to keep from getting your feelings hurt? Do you avoid those subjects that everyone is afraid of?

Then you might be part of the problem.

If you wonder why Donald Trump is doing so well, it’s because people are talking and sharpening one another. On both sides of his issues, people are talking! If there is one thing I think we can all learn from Trump, it is sometimes you have to call a spade a spade, just to make people start talking!

When we do it, we talk, when we talk we understand, and we understand we won’t always agree, but we can find common ground with our understanding. Common ground is what our Nation is built on, and common ground unites those of us who disagree. It unites us because in our disagreement we can all agree that we are free to disagree and free to search for a compromise (as Trump might say “we can make a deal that is good for everyone”); we are free to disagree without attacking those we disagree with or being offended by those who don’t see things the same as we do.

It’s called RESPECT. Are you angry?  Can you see past that anger and try to understand why we disagree and respect everyone, learn something and compromise for everyone’s benefit?

When Iron is used to sharpen Iron, sometimes sparks fly, but in the end, IF we come at the problem from the right angle, we are both sharpened!