Three years away…


About three years ago I hung it up.  I hung the blogging hat on the rack and set out to slow the moral decay of our nation.  Those of you who went along for the journey know all to well the personal cost of standing up for what you believe.

 Today I am dusting that hat off and putting it back on.  There is no need to dwell on the past but there are a few things worth mentioning.


In 2013 the Boy Scouts of America lead by their senior leadership and paid executives stood as the last noble organization to hold their ground against the agenda to desensitize our children.  Today they have fallen, but hope still remains.

In 2014 a new organization was born and its future remains to be seen.  Will greed, power, money, and men consume it too; or will  God help good men stand their ground and deal with what may come in love and truth?  Only God really knows, and time can only tell.

In 2015 things for our family got personal as the social war attacked my daughter’s school, a battle won, a future still uncertain.

This year I AM BACK and ready to focus on the things that I love.  I love my Lord, the Christ, Truth and I love Talking (or writing…).  I hope you will join me for what looks to be an exciting year filled with many opportunities to share truth and the occasional laugh. This year will be easy to see truth. very easy to see indeed…

-Thomas Dillingham