Donald Trump’s AWESOME responds to Wolf Blitzer’s temper tantrum!


The Liberal Media isn’t letting up! Donald Trump shamed the dishonest Media by winning. The rhetoric from the Media is getting worse. They incite riots with their dishonesty! The Liberal Media should realize that Donald Trump works for us, not them.

This Temper Tantrum all started when Donald Trump climbed the stairs to his personal 747. He rode Trump Force One to the Whitehouse. The Media WAS NOT INVITED! In fact, they WERE DENIED.

Since then, the Whitehouse Correspondents’ Association issued a formal statement. Wolf Blitzer threw an On-Air Temper Tantrum. The Liberal Media is stamping their feet and crying on the floor because Donald Trump has put them in their place!

How did Donald Trump respond their Temper Tantrums?




Oh, WAIT! Donald Trump didn’t respond. Just like an Adult dealing with a child who is throwing a Temper Tantrum, Donald Trump did NOTHING, he just ignored it!!!

This morning he bypassed the All Mighty Liberal Media Again with a simple but POWERFUL message for All Americans in one Tweet!  It seems Donald Trump knows how to deal with sniveling children after all! Reading between the lines with Donald Trump is so easy! If only the Liberal Media would GROW UP!

…It’s like that moment as a child when you throw a fit on the floor.


Mom and Dad and your brothers and sisters get in the car and go have Ice Cream, WITHOUT YOU!!!

It’s about time the Whining Liberal Media grows up, we picked the right man to make it happen! Enjoy your temper Tantrum we will enjoy the SHOW, and OUR ICE CREAM!

I just wish everyone knew about this.

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Facebook killed thousands of users in minutes with a software bug.


I have to admit this was a hard article to write. It was horrifying at first. The thought of getting the title wrong and then Facebook making ME “disappear”, has horrifying!

As terrifying as I was, I was able to get it done. Through my tears, I cranked out this article. Today has been a tough day. I am still catching my breath. A day like no other.

See, I signed in and BAM I had friends that were “dead” according to Facebook. After a few concerned phone calls and a short break, it was all better. Then I started calling around to see if others had the same problem.

This happened, everywhere! I mean everywhere. Facebook fixed it fast, but the impact was very real! For about 30 minutes everyone on Facebook must have experienced the same moment. That moment when you think “did I miss a funeral.” No one called me? This has to be a joke!

My concern changed to relief and then laughter. The more I thought about it, the more I laughed. The more laughed, the more I thought about it. “Facebook just killed thousands of users in minutes with a software bug.”

Do you see now why I had such a hard time writing this! What kind of title do you give to this article? I called Facebook, but I heard nothing back. I did find one article out there that backs me up. Tech Crunch wrote a short piece on the short-lived Facebook problem.

So, if you have a Facebook friend who virtually drops dead, don’t worry its probably just a bug; they will get over it soon!

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Donald Trump Insulted Obama today – Obama doesn’t even know it!


Mr. Obama went on the campaign trail to support Hillary Clinton. At nearly every speech Obama insulted Donald Trump. He attacked him with names and accused him of things he never did. Obama talked about Donald Trump like they knew each for years.

Michelle Obama joined Hillary Clinton on the campaign trail to attack Donald Trump too. It was open season on Donald Trump for months. She went after Trump even worse than Barack Obama did.

Today Donald Trump went the Whitehouse to meet with the Obamas. They talked about the transition plans. They discussed what was next for America.

On his way out, Donald Trump reminded the world, and educated Obama with one Tweet!

How could the Obamas say all of those ugly things about Donald Trump? They never met him before today!!!

Donald Trump PROVED THE OBAMAS ARE A LIARS and they don’t even know it!

Donald Trump is going to be the BEST PRESIDENT EVER!!!

The best part is…  …what’s Obama gonna say? He can’t say anything without looking like a FOOL!

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Donald Trump uses Protestors’ own message against them! -SHAME-


Donald Trump and his supporters worked hard to get him elected. He was honest and direct. He called out the establishment for their crooked ways!

Trump Supports are only just beginning to believe it is true!

Yesterday, Trump Supporters were silent and cautious!

Thing started to get real again when the Ads for Protestors started going up on Craiglist!  It seems the establishment would rather pay protestors than create jobs! Now paid Protestors are in the streets destroying property and injuring people.



 Donald Trump used their own tactics against them today. While entitled College Students, Criminal Immigrants, and Thugs have taken to the streets. He threw it right back in their faces… While they are crying

It’s not Fair!

He Tweeted this!

Score: President-Elect Trump 1 – Establishment 0

This should open their eyes. If it doesn’t, the warning from Wikileaks should scare them straight! 

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Wikileaks sends bone chilling message to Protestors and the people paying them!


Wikileaks made itself a part of the United States Presidential Election of 2016. Julian Assange planned in advance. He was taken off the internet, but his automated system sent Tweet after Tweet exposing Hillary Clinton’s corruption.

Analysts were stunned to learn that Donald Trump won the election. Even Donald Trump supporters were absent on Social Media following the victory. Private phone calls to those supporters revealed that they were in shock and being cautious. Everyone was convinced there would be a change and Hillary would be announced the winner…

No one actually believed that Donald Trump had won!

Once the reality began to set in the elite establishment set out to cause chaos in our streets. These criminal minded people who have robbed our country blind want revenge. These evil people want to send a message. Do as your told or else! With ads on Craigslist they solicit people with money to “protest”. Paid Protestors take to the streets!



Wikileaks Bone Chilling Tweet!

Wikileaks sent a reminder of the power that Donald Trump will have in just over 70 days. The elite should take heed! Donald Trump isn’t a man to ignore. He will surprise you!

Wikileaks wants these criminals to know who they are messing with!

Do you think these protestors realize who they are messing with?

Donald Trump’s New Years Message Read Here ===>

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Note: This Article has been stolen by several websites. This is the only website Authorized to publish the article created by Thomas Dillingham


Amend the Constitution. We need Adults making the decisions. #vote21 #nocollegevote


I believe we need the following Constitutional Amendment. NOW! The 26th amendment allows citizens the right to vote at age 18. The problems started in our country not very long after this amendment was ratified.

History has shown us the error of our ways. Our country is in full moral decline. Kids from colleges are taking to the street. These kids don’t even contribute to society yet, but they are allowed to vote?

Enough is enough. This FAILED experiment has shown us what happens when we allow young immature citizens to make life changing decisions. We need ADULTS making the decisions in our country!

Any Citizens over the age of 21 years shall have the right to vote, except any citizen under the age of 25 years who is enrolled in any learning institution shall not have the right to vote, and any citizen serving in the United States Armed Forces shall have the right to vote.

It is time to take our country back! Let everyone know, the #vote21 #nocollegevote movement has begun! We can work on the wording later, right now we need to send a message to these college kids! We have your number, keep it up, and see what happens!

 I have included Video links if you need a reason!

How our Southern Wall helps EVERYONE, including illegal immigrants!


Donald Trump says we are going to build a wall. “A Big Beautiful Wall.” That battle cry brought in supporters who have battled for him since.

The campaign has moved from one topic to another. Donald Trump rarely explains what the benefits are. We get it, but some don’t.

Allow us to explain why a wall on our Southern Border will benefit everyone, even the illegal immigrants. Let’s discuss the benefits to America and Mexico. Finally, you will see how this Wall will be a win for everyone.

Benefits of the Wall for the United States.

Our problem of what to do with illegal immigrants will become smaller over time. Do we allow Mexican citizens who have lived among us to stay or must they go? Our Politicians are finally forced to confront the problem. We are finally forced to debate, discuss and find a humane solution.

The illegal drug manufacturers will have to find another way to get illegal drugs into our country. The cost of illegal drugs will climb. The number of young people who can afford drugs will fall. Our drug problem will see vast improvements.

Our public school systems will see a drop in children who must be taught English. The need for free lunches and healthcare will go down. This will save our schools money.This will save everyone money. Our children from the United States will get better attention and a better education.

A permanent wall will be easier for us to manage. It will save us tax money in the long run. We won’t need as many Border Agents over time.

Building a wall to protect a country will take time. It would take even longer to tear one down. The issue of illegal immigration will be history. History doesn’t divide people. Current issues divide. Our politicians won’t be able to divide us on the issue of illegal immigration anymore!

In the short term, we will need people to build that wall. Building the wall will take labor and technology. More labor means more jobs for everyone in the country. But who will build the wall? I will explain that under the benefits for illegal immigrants.

Alternate Energy will thrive along our border. We cannot install big wind, or solar today. Protecting the expensive equipment is costly. With our new wall, alternate energy companies will have the security they need to build expensive, vulnerable energy systems. Wind energy, solar energy, and geothermal energy will thrive on both sides of the border! This will create more jobs for everyone.

It will take a few years to build that wall. It will take decades to expand our alternate energy along the southern border. Small towns will pop up on both sides of the border. Everyone will win.

Benefits of the Wall for Mexico

Illegal immigrants across our country are now faced with a choice. They cannot keep going as they are. They must get legal, or get out.

It will be almost impossible for people to get into our country illegally. The Mexican government will be forced to address the rampant poverty in Mexico. Mexicans won’t be able to run from their problems anymore.

Illegal immigrants live in fear every day. They are abused by greedy business owners. They are used as pawns by our politicians. They are abused by people who do horrible things to them on our border. The abuse will stop.

We will build a wall. Not many Americans will want to work on the Border. The Border is only miles away from the birthplace of many illegal immigrants.

Those illegal immigrants will flock to get legal. They will cross that border and eagerly build that wall. We will pay them to do it.

New towns will pop up across Mexico’s northern border. Old towns will be rebuilt. The establishments’ money will flow into those towns because they have no choice. People who were once ‘illegal’ will build their own communities. No longer will they be disenfranchised by their own or us. They will become the franchise of northern Mexico!

We will ensure Mexico respects the human rights of our citizens living in Mexico and the families of our citizens. The corrupt Mexican government will be forced to address a century old problem of corruption. A problem of civil rights violations, abuse of the poor, and racism.

It won’t be pretty in the beginning, but it is necessary. Once Mexican’s stand up and says NO MORE! They too will Take Their Country Back!

I look forward to the day Mexico grows their own Donald Trump. A man who makes his billions on our border. A man who just might show up in 10 years to take Mexico back from the elite establishment. A man in Mexico who will crush their establishment. The day is coming when Mexico rises and Makes Mexico Great Again!

Then we can be equal neighbors and have “equal trade.” Until then we have a wall to build.

There is one thing that Hillary Clinton said that was true. She said we are:

“Stronger Together”

We are going to build a wall, and it will make us all Stronger. It will not divide us it will bring us Together. It will bring us ALL together!

-May God Bless America, on both sides of OUR Wall-

—I only wish I knew how to write Spanish… If a Spanish language news agency would like to translate and republish this, consider this my permission to do so!

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Lawmakers in Mexico just signed the Bill! It’s Official, Mexico is planning to PAY for the WALL! (Updated 1-25-2017)


The Washington Post, CNN Money, the Guardian, and Reuters just reported that Mexico is preparing a “Contingency Plan” because of Donald Trump. They are planning for the worst. Mexico clearly understands that Donald Trump is serious, and so are the American people.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump calls Mexico, China, and other countries “Smart.” He says these countries are “ripping us off” because we have “political hacks” making our deals. Donald Trump is right again. Mexico is planning in advance to pay for the wall. That seems “Smart,” because we all know he will win the election in a landslide! (Updated: Donald Trump won with a Landslide of Electoral Votes)

Donald Trump said that Mexico would pay for the wall. He visited Mexico to discuss the future of our relations. He even threatened to cut off International Wire Transfers to Mexico if they refuse to pay for the wall. Donald Trump makes promises and the world’s elite know he keeps his promises

The Media Spin

The Media is spinning the story to make it appear that Mexico is just “being cautious”. Well, we all know the truth. The Truth is, Mexico knows what’s up! If Donald Trump says they are going to pay for the wall, they will pay for the Wall. They are SMART that is why Mexico is planning ahead!

The Facts

The fact is, the Mexican Senate passed the new economic bill on October 27, 2016. There were ‘concerns’ and debate about the US Election, specifically Donald Trump. The bill gave them the legal authority to put those ‘contingency plans’ in place. Those plans may not include writing a check to the United States, but they do include losing a significant amount of money that will be diverted by the United States in order to build the wall.

Read the full Article by clicking here or on the quote below, it is in Spanish if you do not know Spanish you will have to use Google Translate:

Jose Antonio Meade, Minister of Finance, said in an interview with Mexico’s Bloomberg Finance that the economic package proposed the legal framework to have the ‘strength‘ to react to economic uncertainty. The word he used for strength directly translates to “armor plating”.

Logic says they will pay for the wall, one way or another, and they know it.

Why else would Mexico need “armor plating” except to prepare for Donald Trump who plans to make Mexico pay for the wall? Mexico is run by smart people. One way or another they know they will pay for the wall.

We are winning! Donald Trump is making America Great Again, and he isn’t even in office yet! Let’s make sure everyone knows that Donald Trump is already getting America the respect we deserve! He is securing our place in the World once again! Go Trump Go! BUILD THAT WALL!  Let’s get the word out, SHARE THIS, TWEET THIS! We need the rest of America to know that Donald Trump is making our neighbors respects us again!

UPDATE 1/6/2016

The Media is SPINNING the truth, saying that Donald Trump is “flip-flopping”. They are again lying to the American People! Mexico is already planning to PAY FOR THE WALL, ONE WAY OR ANOTHER!!!

UPDATED 1/25/2017

President Trump Signed the Executive Order to start Building OUR WALL!!!

President Trump also addressed the Department of Homeland Security today. He said many things. One things stood out, when he said:

Today we take back our borders… …a nation without borders is no Nation all!

Sean Spicer the Whitehouse Press Secretary said today:

“Yes, Mexico will pay for it… …One Way or ANOTHER!”

God Bless! God Bless America!!!

BRILLIANT Time Magazine cover captures feeling about the US Presidential Election.


Time Magazine has outdone themselves this time. The cover photo says it all. The Presidential Election of 2016 is one for the history books. I plan to get my copy of the historical Time Edition as soon as I finish writing this!

For supporters of Donald Trump, the journey to the end of this hard fought election is almost finished. It has been a long uphill battle. If Donald Trump loses most Trump supporters believe what is left of American will be lost forever. In either case, the End is Near.

For Hillary Clinton supporters the Wikileaks emails will stop. The exposure of Hillary Clinton’s corruption will end. If she wins, she might be safe. If she loses logic says American will want to move on. In either case, the End is Near.

This has to be most brilliant Time Magazine cover I have ever seen! Pure Genius! I am heading out to buy my copy right now!