Not Hope, Not Change: The American Spirit, The American Dream, Jobs, Jobs, and more Jobs!!!


The President was part of the unveiling of the new Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner in South Carolina today. He delivered the most powerful speech I have ever heard. I watched this man on the campaign trail, I have seen every speech published online.

Today he outdid himself. Yes, he used a Teleprompter, and he made it look easy. I have seen him speak without one. Today I saw a man interested in the tiniest detail pausing and reminding himself of each critical point as he stepped through his speech.

He began his speech by rewinding and talking about the importance of South Carolina and the landslide they delivered. Moving on he talked about the American Spirit of the Wrights Brothers.  He inspired all Americans to embody our history and encouraged them to live out their dreams when he said:

“We have the greatest spirit of anyone in the world”

Those powerful words echoed with the Boeing employees as he went on to explain that jobs are coming back. Americans are going back to work. The American Dream is alive and jobs are coming. With that he said our mantra is:

“Buy America, Hire American”

He tipped his hat to the American steel workers when we revealed the pipes for the oil pipelines he just approved are not made in America. He demanded that they “have to use American steel”. He went on to say:

“We will fight for every last American Job!”

The theme of his speech was NOT HOPE, it was NOT CHANGE. The theme of his speech was the American Spirit and American Dreams by way of MORE JOBS! I am convinced. With President Donald J. Trump in the Whitehouse, every American who wants to work will be able to work soon enough!

Obama talked about Hope and Change. President Trump is CHANGING things, unlike the last 4 Presidents. He never talks about HOPE, but we are seeing exactly what we HOPED for!!!

If you want to see the whole speech, it lasts about 15 minutes and it is located at the bottom of the page.

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