No need to rewrite the Constitution, if no one can read it. The lost art of Cursive.


I was stunned to learn that my 14-year-old never learned to write in cursive. I don’t recall what brought the topic up, but I recall the look on his face when I showed up with a stack of third-grade cursive books from the bookstore, and a plan to teach him handwriting over the summer.

It was one of those moments as a father that I told my son, “You will thank me later, now just do it.”

As a technology consultant for twenty years, I have watched first hand as jobs have left the country by way of California. The high and mighty Silicon Valley Tech demigods have convinced the world that EASY is the way to go.

There is little regard for common sense. People increasingly rely on technology. I believe the greatest threat to our freedom is the internet. People don’t study anymore, they just look it up on Google.

New drivers don’t have to remember how to get around anymore, they just put the address on their phone. Sometimes I wonder how many people would know how to get to work without their Smartphone.

That brings me back to handwriting. In all fairness, I have always had poor handwriting, but it was legible. Most kids these days don’t even know what the word legible means.

Handwriting is a basic life skill. What happens when you find yourself needing to write a letter? What happens if you are so broke you cannot afford a Smartphone?

I started doing some research on the issue. What I found was absolutely shocking. By my count over two-thirds of public schools don’t teach children how to read or write in cursive anymore.

I see that as a recipe for disaster. That translates into the next generation being completely illiterate. Sure they can read printed text, but how will they read the Constitution?

We worry about our children keeping their freedom. The truth is those who want to do away with the Constitution have taught our children to look down on things from the past. Have you ever seen how a child looks at things that are old?

What does the Constitution look like to our children? Just another old outdated thing to be done away with. I find the thought terrifying.

How will they function without a Smartphone in their hand? Who controls those Smartphones?

I believe we are setting our children up to be slaves and I think we need to bring handwriting back to our schools. There is no more a basic life skill than being able to read and write.