Viral New York Times Article about Trump immigration policy peddled as News fraught with falsehoods.


On June 16 The New York Times published an article online. The article was written by Julie Hirschfeld Davis. The deception begins with the title:

“Trump Again Falsely Blames Democrats for His Separation Tactic”

The disinformation becomes apparent as you read the article which begins with more lies:

“WASHINGTON — President Trump on Saturday repeated his false assertion that Democrats were responsible for his administration’s policy of separating migrant families apprehended at the border, sticking to a weekslong refusal to publicly accept responsibility for a widely condemned practice that has become a symbol of his crackdown on illegal immigration.”

The author of this timely propaganda has a history of contradicting herself. In two tweets you can see that she claims the Democrats are needed to pass an immigration bill and later she claims they are not. In this first tweet, she openly admits there is an “issue.”

In the second tweet used to promote her misleading news article, she wants everyone to believe that the Democrats are not needed. She previously noted that there was an issue with the Republicans doing it alone. If the Republicans cannot get this done on their own, then who else could help? Oh, wait! You mean the Democrats could work with Trump to get this done… Say it ain’t so!

…but let’s all just ignore the facts, she clearly has an agenda.

The contradictions are obvious, yet we find that her Fake News article has gone viral.

It seems the people desperate to find something, anything wrong with the Trump Presidency will believe anything that makes the President look bad. The real issue here is not a President who is being dishonest. It is the Press who is being dishonest about our broken immigration system.

President Trump continues to make it clear that these problems can be solved if only the Democrats would help.

In the New York Times article written by Ms. Davis, she admits the truth:

While previous administrations have made exceptions to such prosecutions for adults traveling with their minor children, the Trump administration has said it will not do so.

She admits the truth that previous Administrations have made “exceptions.” Exceptions to what exactly? The answer is simple. Exceptions to the law.

Congress has the sole power to make laws and the President has the sole power to enforce them. Just because previous Presidents chose lawlessness doesn’t mean President Trump has to.

Here are some more facts:

In 2010 President Obama, a DEMOCRAT signed The Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act which says:

“the term ‘child abuse and neglect’ means, at a minimum, any recent act or failure to act on the part of a parent or caretaker, which results in death, serious physical or emotional harm, sexual abuse or exploitation, or an act or failure to act which presents an imminent risk of serious harm;”

Based on this definition it would seem that forcing a child to illegally cross an International Border would fall under the definition of “CHILD ABUSE AND NEGLECT.” Or has the Mainstream Media forgotten about the horror stories of illegal aliens dying in the back of Semis?

Just because the Mainstream Media doesn’t like the FACT that President Trump is enforcing ALL of the law doesn’t mean they get to lie about it! I for one have had it with the Lying Mainstream Media. I am also pleased to see a President looking out for children who are clearly being ABUSED!


  1. Al I can say is the NY Times and the mainstream media is nothing but LIARS! So sick of these pukes lying! And twisting the facts to suit their narrative. Go Trump!! MAGA! Forget these fools!

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