Moments after Donald Trump Officially became the President he bypassed the Mainstream Media with a message for Every American!


Donald Trump routinely scolded the Mainstream Media for misrepresenting him. He chastises them for being unfair. He calls them out when they lie and he goes around them when he wants the TRUTH to be heard.

After you have been on the Trump Train long enough to learn how The Honorable Mr. Donald J. Trump works. He is actually a very smart man who keeps things simple. Just like his campaign was direct and to the point, so to will be his Presidency!

How can I know that? His first act on Social Media after taking the Oath of Office was to send a message that everyone can understand. With his actions on Twitter and Facebook Donald Trump just said: “I will speak to you, America!”

I saved the best for last! Rock On Honorable Mr. Donald J. Trump! #MAGA