Minutes After Trump Bombed Assad’s Jets, Syrian Man Fires Back at Hillary Clinton: “Where were you?” “Hypocrisy”


We all know CNN is the Clinton News Network. In an interview with a Syrian man via Skype CNN tries to change the subject. CNN pushed Hillary Clinton’s “Refugee” narrative.

This Syrian man first gave his reaction to the news of Trump’s response. Then went on to explain that they have waited for 6 years. Finally, America is doing something.

The CNN News Achor tried to shut him down. He said: “if you will just give me a second…” He wanted to make sure his message was heard! Then they cut him off…

We need to help the Syrian People and Make Sure Their Message is Heard! They don’t want to be Refugees. They want to stay in their own country!

As Americans, we should help this man and the Syrian People. This Video was posted by CNN. I believe the only reason they put it out is because this man caught them off guard on Live Television.

Let’s all work together to make sure the TRUTH about Syrians is spread around the world! They don’t want to leave! They want to stay!

Share this everywhere! We must make this go Viral…