Marines being told “orders could come at any moment,” to go and secure the Border, aid Border Patrol.


I have been made aware of some things that are moving down the chain of command inside the United State Marine Corps.

I was told:

“It’s like 1989 all over again, except this time we are going to get it done, this time we will be able to engage like never before.”

In 1989 about 50 Marines were sent to train the Border Patrol on intelligence gathering techniques, but they were not allowed to engage or act. Those Marines were only allowed to operate on land owned by the government because the US Military is not allowed to operate on private property.

Certain US Marines will likely be assigned to assist, support, and in some cases train Border Patrol Agents, but the type of training was not disclosed.

Areas, where the most dangerous illegal aliens are known to cross the border, will be the focus of their efforts, specifically on Federally owned lands and possibly on land owned by the states. The total number of Marines that will be deployed could range from as few as 40 to as many as 4000 which will depend on exact duties Marines are given.

When I pressed on the certainty of the deployment I was told:

“Right now, we are being told orders could come at any moment; we won’t know for certain until the orders get here, but  we have been preparing for several weeks now.”

The exact locations of the Marines’ deployment is not known but “California and Arizona are on the list.” With some Marines possibly being deployed alongside the Border Patrol.

President Trump recently revealed that he plans to use the United States Military on the border of the United States, and my source confirmed that there have been discussions about this possibility for several months, and training for several weeks.

Until now most of the planning for the operations have been classified, but portions of it have been declassified due to the timetable of the deployment. It was assured that no classified information was shared (I will not publish information I know to be classified,) our source said:

“You can classify whatever you want, but it is impossible to hide what everyone will see soon enough. I guess that is why it was declassified.”

“You can’t hide a tent city filled with Marines for very long.”

The Pentagon nor the White House responded to my request for comment.