Obama Commutes (Chelsea) Bradley Manning’s Sentence – to be released May 7, 2017, just in time for US TO PAY FOR HIS SEX CHANGE…


It’s Official. Chelsea Manning the MAN who leaked secrets to Wikileaks has been commuted by Obama. The WOMAN will be released from prison May 17, 2017. Just after having a taxpayer funded Sex Change operation!

Bradley Manning is a former Army soldier convicted in a court-martial in 2013 of violating the espionage act by disclosing nearly 272,000 classified or unclassified documents to WikiLeaks.

I guess if you want a sex change operation but cannot afford it all you have to do is sell out your own people. The whole thing is just sad. This man gave up secrets.  He should serve his time.

In September of 2016, it was reported that the Sex Change operation would move forward by CNN and USA Today. There is more than enough time between now and his or her release to have the tax-payer funded operation! BUT, they won’t report on his or her’s medical information… …So we don’t get to know! That is just wrong on so many levels…

How are we supposed to react? I mean seriously, how much money are the American people paying for this special operation? The man is a criminal.

Fox News also reported this.

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