Like Clockwork The Mainstream Media Steals The News From The Little Guys!


This happens to me all the time. Back during the elections when I was running Nation One News it happened even more. Back then I wrote verified fact-based news instead of opinion. Everything on my blog is my opinion and I don’t claim to be news.

The age-old practice of cheating off of others’ work is alive and well when it comes to the Mainstream Media. They claim to be the experts, but in truth, they just steal what other people write. Allow me to give you an example of what I am talking about.

Earlier today Reba McEntire sang a heartfelt tribute to the late President H. W. Bush. I found myself moved so I wrote a quick short article and inserted a Youtube video so everyone could share the moment.

Wouldn’t you know it, within three hours, about the amount of time it would have taken a few writers to pull everything together People Magazine published their own article, and wouldn’t you know it, they used the idea for their headline?

My title was simple:

Reba McEntire Brings 43 To Tears As She Honors 41, George H W Bush.

People’s title falling along the same lines:

Reba McEntire’s Touching Performance at George H.W. Bush’s Funeral Brings His Grieving Son to Tears

See, it doesn’t matter how original you are, or how much of your own homework you do. In the end, the massive organizations like People and the rest of the Mainstream Media will follow when you succeed and call you Fake News when you pass them up.

Of course, I’m just whining you might say. If everyone knew how difficult it is to bring relevant content to light, without the millions of dollars in resources these organizations have, I think people would appreciate small bloggers all the more.

What is frustrating even more, is how these multi-million dollar organizations can whip together a nice looking piece without any effort at all. They just tap their vast networks of contract camera operators, freelance writers, and full-time editorial staff.

Back during the election in 2016 not only did the big guys steal our ideas, a whole lot of Fake News sites did the same. Many of them in Macedonia, Pakistan, and Russia. At least when the big guys take our stuff they don’t copy it word for word. On that note, my hat is off to Facebook for getting rid of the blatant thieves. Now I’m just a very small fish in a really big pond.

BUT, I don’t care, I will keep doing what I am doing, and let the cheaters keep looking over my shoulder. If you can’t stop them, at least you can tell the class what they are doing…

The funny part is, if I had used a similar title AFTER they did, well I would get a DMCA takedown notice, and a nasty letter from their well paid legal team. Ain’t the Media Great.!.

I know no one likes a pity party, so I’ll quit complaining. Just do me a favor, the next time you see an article from a blogger, give them a chance.

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