Hey Mr. Trump, can I have Rep. John Lewis’s ticket to the Inauguration?


No! I am not joking! I am completely serious. I don’t have a ticket to the Inauguration and since USA Today reported that John Lewis will not attend; I want his ticket!

So, will you help me ask Mr. Trump if I can have his ticket? Again, I am being completely serious! If John Lewis wants to miss this historic event I see no good reason to waste a perfectly good ticket!

Mr. President-Elect Donald J. Trump,

Sir, I read in USA Today that Representative John Lewis will not be attending the Inauguration! Sir, can have his ticket? I will take care of my own travel and lodging arrangement, but I really want to see the inauguration.

I want to be there the very first moment you Officially start to Make American Great Again! I just want to see it! That’s all! Nothing more, nothing less!

I am no one special. Really, sure I served in the Marine Corps, but that was years ago. I am a disabled Veteran according to the VA. I cannot afford health insurance for my family. The VA covers me. There are a lot of things I could have done differently in my life, but I didn’t. I am far from perfect!

I am not a sitting US Congressman. I am not a Movie Star. I am just a man who has been married for 22 years to my beautiful wife, who gave us 3 wonderful children. I know Sir! I am nothing special, BUT…

If Mr. Lewis is going to pass on this historic event, I see no reason to waste his seat. I am not asking to shake your hand, meet your staff, take a picture with you, or even meet you, at all. I know you are already a very busy man! I just want his ticket. Can I have it, Sir?

I would also ask for my wife, but she said she would rather watch it from home, and I don’t think we could afford to both go. The kids have school to attend.

Respectfully you,

Thomas Dillingham

Please help me share my message, who knows, maybe Mr. Trump will see it!

God Bless! God Bless America!!!