Jim Carrey’s Hateful Tweet To Mark Zuckerberg Just Backfired.


Jim Carrey is no stranger to drama. He makes his living with appearances in movies where he almost always plays the fool. Funny to watch but not so funny when he wades into politics.

At a time in our country when the division is at an all-time high, this class clown is lashing out at none other than the man who controls the hearts and minds of millions of people around the world. Don’t get me wrong. I am no fan of Facebook or Mark Zuckerberg, but an honest review of what happened makes Jim Carrey look like the characters he often plays.

I’ve said my fair share about Facebook manipulations, but it isn’t Russia or a few thousand dollars I’m concerned about. It was their naive approach to the groans of the Mainstream Media and the subsequent attack on startup media companies that got me fired up. Fired up enough to run for Congress and call for Mark Zuckerberg to testify.

If I am completely honest with myself and others, I don’t have the same issues with Facebook I had a few months ago. Things are changing and for the better. While they have a long way to go to address the bias from within they are making progress. Maybe that is what Crazy Jim Carrey is worried about. A level playing field where his angry hatred spewed at opponents doesn’t get the same reach as an honest discussion.

On the matter of election interference, we all know that Facebook played a part in sharing the thoughts and ideas of many publishers. A very small fraction of that information came from outside the United States. The rhetoric that echoed through the newsfeed of Facebook came from the candidates themselves. Or do I even have to mention “Lock Her Up,” or “Deplorable?”

Only a fool would think that Facebook actually had anything to do with real Russian interference in our elections. Only a fool would believe that a few hundred thousand dollars in ads did anything to sway public opinion. I know this because I hosted websites that spent much, MUCH more on advertising simply to drive traffic to their Blogs and Startup News sites.

I know that because candidates spent tens of millions of dollars on Facebook advertising, not to mention the additional tens of millions spent by PACs and SuperPACs. Russia was a drop in the bucket when compared to all of the other money spent. The idea that Russia somehow had anything to do with the election comes straight out of the Democrat party warroom and their public relations departments we know as the Mainstream Media…

When you translate the binary numbers it says F— You. How classy of You Jim Carrey. You mad bro?!?!?!? LOL

Jim Carrey showed his proverbial rear end and his ignorance when he Tweeted at Mark Zuckerberg. He ignored that FACT that Facebook has made huge steps to prevent a repeat of the issues we saw in 2016. They don’t always get it right, but at least Facebook is doing something. I know, I know, most people who still keep up with me might be shocked to hear me put those words in writing, but its true… at least for the moment.

People like Jim Carrey, who actually believe their own social crack are now falling victim to their own ignorance.  See, Jim Carrey sold all of his stock and shut down his Facebook account. That’s right, this on-screen idiot let his acting persona take over. Sure, I complain about Facebook all the time and happen to believe they listen. No scratch that, I know for a fact that they listen because some of the ideas I have originated have found their way out of Facebook in actions and in words.

So here we are. I still have 133+ thousand Likes on Facebook. I am still writing on my blog, all be it not nearly as much as I have in the past, and I am still complaining to and about Facebook. The only way to improve what is going on with Facebook is to make sure they hear you, not acting a fool…

The funny part is; chances are Mark Zuckerberg will read this, because I will share it on my Facebook page. It is hard to send a message to Facebook or Mark Zuckerberg when you don’t use their platform… Jim Carrey is making a fool of himself, as usual, and Mark Zuckerberg isn’t listening.

Jim Carrey foolishly washed his hands of Facebook and therefore has no right to complain. He sold all the stock he had and divested his account, leaving thousands, if not millions of dollars on the table. In the end, the joke is on Jim Carrey, because minutes after his ridiculous Tweet Facebook stock started to climb.

As of the time I published this, it has gone up over $5 a share. A sizeable increase for a few hours. Not only that but guess what! You probably saw this article on Facebook, which means things are getting better, NOT WORSE. At least for people who want to engage in real meaningful conversation…  There doesn’t seem to be as much room for idiots on Facebook, as there used to be which is awesome for people like you and me!

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