If you are moving into a 40 story high rise, sorry to tell you, you aren’t a Texan, you are Left Coast Liberal Raider.


They say everything is bigger in Texas. By in large that is true, except our cities.

Growing up in Texas.

When I grew up in North Texas the Dallas skyline wasn’t filled with high rise condominiums that are today packed with Left coast liberals and built with Eastern old money. Nope, people didn’t live downtown back then.

Texans wanted a yard big enough to have a garden and chickens out back. Shoot, two houses down the Rich family bought 4 extra lots so they could have horses out back. My aunt and uncle owned an extra lot behind theirs so they could rotate between a cow and a lamb every year. I’ll tell ya, my Aunt Gen grew some cool stuff in her greenhouse.

I know what you Colorado people are thinking, and NO, my uncle Larry was a full-blown Southern Baptist preacher so, no, Aunt Gen wasn’t raising what you are thinking. The only high my family ever got was high on life with good clean living and a healthy fear of God.

My other uncle owned nearly an acre with a massive garage out back. He didn’t have chicken, but man did they have a garden some years.

I grew up next door to my grandparents, and they had it all. Chickens, a garden, and they had a lamb every few years. My Granny had rabbits, and let me tell you, a fried rabbit is way better than fried chicken.

Today things are changing in Texas and it isn’t for the better.

The Left coast invasion.

Today eastern old money is building like wildfire in downtown Dallas. It all started when they demolished the old coal-fired power plant downtown. I blame Mark Cuban and his pie in sky liberal lunacy.

He built the Mavericks/Stars stadium where that power plant used to be, now the east coast money keeps pouring in. They build it and the Left coast liberals are dumb enough to pay five prices for a view. A view filled with more and more man made crap.

These tree huggers from California come out here, move into their energy-sucking condos, drive their lead-filled electric cars, ride around on rent-a-bikes that they leave laying all over the place, and throw their trash in the streets and then try to lecture us on saving the environment. Don’t get me started on the God-haters, they are worse.

They come in and the first thing they do is toss the Bible, God’s word, out the window and start preaching “hope and change.” The next thing you know we have the Boy Scouts adopting an anything goes policy. Yes, the National Boy Scouts of America is based in North Texas.

Not only do we have to deal with hypocrite tree huggers and God-haters, now we have to deal with these globalists. They think it is better to send jobs overseas than to help your fellow Americans by keeping the work here.

The worst part is these Left coast liberals have no idea how to think for themselves. You have to be extra careful when you drive downtown because you are guaranteed to have some moron walk out in front of you because she or he is staring at their master while they walk. A smartphone that is, there ain’t nothing Smart about a Smartphone.

Those God Forsaken little devices have people praying to the same Silicon Valley demigods that drove them to Texas in the first place. In the Bible, we call them Baal.

Yep, Texas is changing all right, and it isn’t getting any better. Our only hope is to do something about those Left coast liberals who are sending us their tree hugging, God-hating, globalists cult members.

It is time to take Texas back, which means its time to get serious about technology development in Texas. We don’t need or want any of those Liberal companies here, we need Texans to bring back what used to be Telecom Corridor in Richardson. We need to give California a run for their money.

If we don’t, the only thing that will get bigger in Texas is our taxes and our social problems! The worst part will be that kids won’t know where the corn and green beans and hamburger meat comes from, now that will be a Texas-sized travesty.

God help us save Texas!