How to Block Facebook and Twitter using CloudFlare


Over the past year, Facebook and Twitter have increased their abuses of Christians, Conservatives and Trump Supporters. It is time to fight back.

If you haven’t set up a account and a account, I highly recommend you do so as soon as possible. Unlike Facebook and Twitter, they still allow free speech.

Facebook not only throttles content they disagree with, allows users to hide their attacks against you, and conspire to undermine the truth, they also read everything you produce, even things that are not shared on their platforms.

Facebook and Twitter both use bots to crawl our websites. They do this to gain intelligence and use that intelligence to undermine our viewpoints.

Facebook and Twitter both use your Copyrighted content without your permission by placing it in their caching systems without regard for who is slandering your reputation or good name.

In order to prevent Facebook or Twitter from reaching your website, you can block both of their networks using the following simple steps.

If you are a Web Administrator and you don’t know what Cloudflare is, you don’t know what you are missing. It is a powerful edge content caching solution that will reduce the load on your server. There are free accounts for small personal blogs and a $20 and $200 a month option for larger websites.

Now, how to block Facebook and Twitter from reading your content, and allowing their Liberals infested platforms to be used against you.

Log into your Cloudflare account, then click on Firewall.

Once you are in the Firewall section scroll down until you see Access Rules. At the top of this section, you will see a place to add new rules. Enter “AS32934,” choose the option to “Block,” for “This Website,” add a note something like “Block Facebook,” then click the green “Add” Button.

For Twitter follow the same steps except you will:

Enter “AS13414,” choose the option to “Block,” for “This Website,” add a note something like “Block Facebook,” then click the green “Add” Button.

Now all you have to do is update your site and tell your readers that you proudly block Facebook and Twitter and ask them to share your content using Gab, Codias, email or Text Messages.

When someone attempts to share a link to your website on Facebook they will see this message.

When someone Tweets your link the link will show up, however, they will not see an image.

What goes around comes around, Enjoy! The internet is OURS, not theirs! It is time to take it back from the Silicon Valley wanna be demigods.