Hillary Clinton Ruins The Memory Of George H. W. Bush Further Dividing America, Without Saying A Word.


Hillary Clinton isn’t one of my favorite people, in fact, she is one of those people I struggle not to hate. I am not a hateful or vengeful person. It is hard to keep a positive attitude when a loser like Hillary Clinton is such a sore loser and so, SO ugly about it. She is the kind of loser that could care less about the country and those of us who are not so privileged enough to have been able to run for President. I do not hate Hillary Clinton, but I do hate her attitude, her lies, and her never-ending selfishness.

Everyone was on edge leading to the funeral for the late President George H. W. Bush. Conservatives, Trump supporters, traditional liberals, and centrists all hoped this event would go off without a scene that would distract from a chance at real unity in our country.

The calls for civility and unity at the funeral of George H. W. Bush were far-reaching. The Bush family agreeing not to turn the 41st President’s funeral into another late night episode of Stephen Colbert. We all witnessed the shameless onslaught at the funeral of the late Senator John McCain. It was a chance for everyone in the establishment to come together and eviscerate President Trump while standing over the body of Senator John McCain.

Maybe that is what Mr. McCain wanted, but this certainly is not what former President George H. W. Bush wanted. We know this because of the lengths his family went to bring everyone together. So it was, all of the living former Presidents seated together, and one loser who can’t seem to get the chip off of her shoulder.

It was just two years ago that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton invoked the words of George H. W. Bush to further her own agenda. She recalled the letter left on the desk for her husband. Bill Clinton beat the late George H. W. Bush in an ugly election. She repeated his words as she said:

“Your success is now our countries success and I am rooting hard for you”

She then adds her own thoughts saying:

“That’s the America we love!”
“That is what we cherish!”

It seems she quickly forgot what she said in 2016, and moved back into her smug self-centered anger. As President Trump and his wife Melania arrived neither her nor former President Bill Clinton acknowledged their presence. Instead, Hillary sat there with an angry look on her face.

If ever there was a time that Americans can actually see how deep the division really is, it is now. Unfortunately, the calls for unity were all but smashed. All because Hillary Rodham Clinton couldn’t put on a fake smile, acknowledge the First Lady and President, and at least pretend everything is going to be Ok. No, instead the simple act of ignoring the President has driven a wedge even deeper in between Americans.

It is rare we get to see a genuine side of someone like Hillary Clinton. In those rare moments, we see what they are truly made of. Now more than ever America needs to be united, and Hillary Clinton picked that one critical moment, to be honest about who she really is. I struggle not to hate Hillary Clinton, God help me, but I absolutely hate the way she behaves!

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