Hey Facebook! Where is Easter on your Trending list?


Today we are reminded that almost 2000 years ago a man named Jesus changed the world. On Friday two millennia ago he was brutally murdered by the establishment.  On the third day, he rose from the dead.

A mear man overcame death. He told his followers to pick up their cross and follow him. A few days later his followers received the gift of the Holy Spirit.

The truth about God and his promise of forgiveness spread like wildfire. The history of those days was recorded. Today we know that history because historians have carefully guarded the history in a book we call the Bible.

Not much as changed since then. The establishment still serves itself. The truth is still disputed my men of power and wealth.

Facebook is a perfect example of godless men who are trying to control you. Have you looked at your Facebook Trend list? Where is Jesus Christ? Where is Easter?

Billions of people are celebrating the eternal life promised to Jesus’ followers today. Yet, Facebook hasn’t trended the word “Easter.”  If you can’t see the evil in the world today, you probably don’t want to be saved!

Thank you, Jesus, Christ for your sacrific! Happy Easter Everyone! Now Get on Social Media and #Easter your pictures. It’s time to #RedPill the world!