HARD EVIDENCE Twitter is Interfering in elections!


My name is Thomas Dillingham. I was originally going to run for United States Senate. After Joe Barton’s decision not to seek reelection I ran for United States Congress, US House District 6 in the State of Texas during the 2018 Republican Primary. I ran to call out the blatant abuses by Silicon Valley against Republicans.

I was directly targeted by Twitter, among others, and my campaign suffered as a result.

As a candidate during the Texas Primary elections, I was banned from running Ads on Twitter. Twitter did not provide me with any insight into what could have possibly been the cause, so I deleted EVERYTHING. I deleted 9 years worth of Tweets. I deleted THOUSANDS of Tweets.

I notified Twitter that all content had been removed. Twitter ignored me until AFTER the election was over. The election was March 6, 2018… They ignored me until April 16, 2018.

Here are the emails.


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