Gun Grabbing Doctors Use Blood and Guts To Invoke Fear but It Backfires Miserably

from Twitter @BarackDaVote

We have all been the doctor, at least some of us have until 2009. I won’t talk about the millions of hard-working Americans who can no longer afford to see a doctor. Nor will I complain that my hard earned money is ripped away from me by government agents every year, under threat of jail or worse. No, this post is about something much more important.

All men are created equal and that means every person in our country has certain rights that God gave us. Those rights are protected by our Constitution. At least, they are as long as our government protects our rights. Now back to those self-proclaimed gods, doctors.

In all of my years, the most self-centered arrogant and self-righteous people I’ve ever met were doctors. Their profession is protected by layer after layer of laws and associations. If you want to consult on computers no big deal, but God Forbid, you go with a friend to see their doctor to help them ask the hard questions about the dozens of unnecessary medications they are told to take.

“Oh dear GOD! Who you do you think you are? A Doctor! I spent eight years in school, and years learning what I am doing.” That is the response I have personally heard after questioning three blood thinners, and two blood pressure medications, along with nine other drugs a friend was taking. But don’t get me wrong…

There are some good Doctors, unfortunately, most of them were run out of business by Obamacare. The sad truth is most Doctors today don’t do much thinking for themselves. They lookup drug interactions on their Smartphones, follow instruction from the insurance companies, and relegate the important work to nurses and in many cases lower trained nurses aides.

So forgive my attitude when I call into question the fear tactics being used by a handful of self-proclaimed gods. These can do no wrong, hypocrites are using blood and guts to promote their message. That message is simple. Give up your guns!

Of course, Twitter and Facebook don’t seem to have a problem with a doctor sharing a bloody operating room floor, BUT God Forbid someone shares an image of a bloody floor after a suicide bomber leaves his or her parts and pink mist scattered across the room. You can’t do that!

We all know Phil Robertson got in trouble on Social Media for showing how to clean an animal, but its Ok for a Gun Grabbing Doctor to throw some blood and guts on your screen, after all, it’s for a good cause. A scared unarmed population is much easier to control for those highly educated plutocrats who want to decide if you live or die!

The one thing these self-proclaimed masters of our lives didn’t think about is this…

I’ll keep my guns, the Doctors can keep sharing the pictures of anyone who tries to take the life of a law-abiding gun owner!

I would much rather send my attacker to see the Doctor, than have my life in a Doctor’s hands, especially one that wants my guns!

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