Facebook wants to put a chip in your brain.


Do you like Facebook? Most people have an account. Imagine the world where you can argue about Politics by just thinking about it.

Well, that is exactly what Facebook wants. The world’s largest Social Media company wants to put a chip in your brain and connect it to their network.

Imagine the power Mark Zuckerberg will have. It’s awesome! Mark Zuckerberg can command you to wake up and BAM your eyes pop open. No need to set that pesky alarm.

Those will be the days!

What a wonderful world it will be when you don’t have to remember anything. Want to look something up on Google? Just think about it and they will give you their answer.

The whole world will be on the same page. Never again will someone prefer Sushi over Steak. We will all love our daily portion of gruel because that chip in our head will make us think it is Steak, or Sushi, whichever we prefer.

Backchannel explained what the Ex-Darpa Head, Regina Dugan who left Google for Facebook, said:

Dugan says that she won’t be fazed if some people freak out about this. As someone who’s worked on emergent technology for a long time, she says that it’s best to concentrate on the work, confident that it will ultimately result in improving our lives. She uses the Human Genome Project as an example of an initiative that unsettled people at first, but now is accepted as something that will produce huge value. She also vows that Facebook will have some sort of ethics framework to make sure the work doesn’t violate privacy or become misused.

Of course, we can trust Facebook to follow their privacy policy, and tell us everything about how the system works too. The government will keep them honest! That is why we have the Media to keep them both honest, and who doesn’t trust the Media or the Government?

Just go with it. One little chip in your forehead, another one in your wrist and you are all set. As far as those who don’t want to be assimilated into the collective, well they just won’t get to eat, will they? We can starve those rebels out!

Why does this sound like something straight out of the Revelation according to John? Now, we have to worry about those pesky Christians! Not to worry, in twenty years we will be rid of that Constitution that keeps getting in the way. It’s only a matter of time…

So, are you ready to be a beta tester for the Facebook Upgrade?

Facebook is Hiring

For that matter, hey they are looking for an Engineer on the project. No Joke, here is the link, and I saved a screenshot of it just in case they take it down!

Sarcasm, not Satire!

I wish I could say this is a joke. It’s not, I am being completely sarcastic, not satirical, and they will put a chip in my brain over my dead body. BUT, these people are serious and aim to get this done, if not to us, then our children!

We aren’t there yet, you say? Oh really! Remember these from 20 years ago? I had one. What do you carry today?

Science hasn’t made it that far yet, you say? Really, remember what these used to look like 20 years ago?

If that isn’t enough, this is from 2008! This is very real!!!

I would encourage you to read the entire article that inspired my sarcasm. Here is the link.

Two years ago DARPA was already working on this. Here is another one that explains how the military is building brain chips to treat PTSD, I wonder what else they could use those for?

You can’t make this stuff up folks.

This brings a whole new level of creepy to Facebook latest “Augmented Reality” project. I’m just say’n…