Ecclesiastical Tyranny – ET – Trump responds to Christianity Today

I had to wait for this post. It was only a matter of time before some ignorant Mainstream Media organization tried to use it against Trump. Let’s talk ET.

More specifically Trump’s tweet saying that he wouldn’t be reading ET anymore. On its face, this seems like a typo… When have you ever known Trump not to intentionally do something like that? Need I say covfefe?

ET, what could it mean? To me and a handful of others, it was obvious, but only because I happen to know that most of the 80,000 subscribers for Christianity Today are members of the clergy or self-proclaimed church leaders.

What’s another word for clergy? Ecclesiast and this word hold a specific meaning to believers. Especially those of us who feel that men came along after Christ and tried to hijack God’s truth for their own purposes.

Just read John and Peter’s letters at the end of the Bible. It was already happening 2000 years ago.

Evangelical Today? Not hardly!

Ecclesiastical Today…? Maybe…..  NO!

Or, did he mean Ecclesiastical Tyranny? That thing the United States was formed to protect us from in 1775?

It was an offhand snub at people who make a living off of other peoples’ faith. In this case, both the people who work for Christianity Today and the people who benefit financially from telling the unsuspecting faithful how to live, Ecclesiastics.

There it is. Trump is on to the organizations and people behind them who abuse their station for personal gain. …and they know it. That’s why CT did the bidding of ET.

The funniest thing about it all is that Christianity Today isn’t so much an Evangelical Christian magazine as it is an Ecclesiastical Christian magazine, and no one, I mean NO ONE in the media picked up on it.

What do you think?

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