Easy way to clean to the air and protect against COVID-19 in homes and businesses

I’ll skip my usual introductions, background, build-up, and get right to the point. COVID-19 is going to kill a lot of people. The better job we do reducing the spread of it, the fewer people die, because our hospitals will be able to keep up. If ever they fall behind a lot more people will end up dead.

Every HVAC (Air Conditioner/Heater) in the world has two ways to operate. One is the fan only comes on when the heating or cooling element is on. The other is the fan runs all the time.

With the fan running all the time the air inside buildings, homes, businesses, and so on is circulated. It is forced through a FILTER. That wonderful invention that saves some of us during allergy season could be a game-changer against COVID-19.

We can clean surfaces, keep our distance, and do many things but when someone is sick and shedding the virus, like dandruff, what do you do about the air? You can scrub it with filters and HVAC units that are already there.

MERV 13 filters will capture the virus itself. Most systems cannot handle a MERV13 filter, but MOST systems can handle a MERV11 filter. MERV11 filters trap particulates that carry viruses. Those airborne droplets people talk about, we can trap them in filters.

Most homes have an air conditioner that is sized to the amount of space they have, businesses are no different. An average 1600 Square foot home would use a 4-ton unit that moves about 1600 Cubic feet of air per minute. So, it takes about 4 to 8 minutes to all of the air to be filtered.

That means all of the air is filtered about 10 times an hour. This would limit retail, office, and warehouse exposure to airborne particles that may carry the COVID-19 virus.

Sure there’s little to no research on this. Sure the brain trust from universities and government big wigs didn’t come up with it. SO WHAT, it makes plain old sense!

Why isn’t the CDC recommending that businesses use a minimum of MERV11 filters to filter the air in their establishments? C’Mon CDC you can do better!