Donald Trump made it to the Whitehouse so now what?


July 15, 2016, will go down in history as a decisive moment for Donald Trump, the Republican Party, and the United States of America. It was on that day that Donald Trump first presented himself to the American People. With the iconic wave of his right hand, he would jest “I am running for President of the United States”. This was the beginning of a transformation of America.

His rough and tumble politically incorrect rhetoric removed the crushing weight of popular thinking. People could talk about the issues. People could begin to discuss what ails America.

Days turned into weeks, weeks to months. All of sudden the “Trump Train” was born. Donald Trump ripped through 14 opponents with brutal efficiency. Marco Rubio a proud, respectable, and honorable man would yield to the people of his state and take his leave with HONOR and respect! Only two remained.

The remaining two candidates were forced to choose between their benefactors and our country. In the end, neither chose the people. Ted Cruz would deliver an embarrassing speech at the Republican National Convention. John Kasich well, do I have to say anything at all?

Wikileaks somehow got their hands on John Podesta’s emails. The Mainstream Media would turn against Donald Trump, after unknowingly allowing him to tear down their most powerful weapon. Political Correctness was dead, people were finally talking about issues again!

Angry words were replaced with calm conversation. Republican stragglers from the Cruz Ship and Kasich Kayak would finally see a future with Trump. Optimism in the Republican party was at an all time high!

Democrats were none the wiser. Then this “Trump Train” would almost reach full speed. Nothing could stop it, nothing could stand in its way.

People were talking, bloggers were blogging, the usual political operatives were spreading their propaganda. Fake News accusing Donald Trump of every imaginable infraction against mankind spread like wildfire on Social Media! Meanwhile, bloggers fought through tricky algorithms, double standards, and liberal bias to get out the message and expose the truth.

Julian Assange would lose his internet access, but not to worry, he had a plan. John Podesta’s emails would see the light of day yet. The Mainstream media? “What emails?” Bloggers heralded the truth.

A decades-old secret recording of Donald Trump passively engaging in locker room talk would surface. The last ditch effort against a man with nothing to attack. This will do, Little Jebby snickered as he hid behind his keyboard.

Political operatives now unattached from Marco Rubio would assemble and form a plan. A grand plan to defeat Donald Trump. Their very livelihoods were at stake. With Donald Trump in office and no need for activism, what would they do for a living?

The polls show Donald Trump is up, now he is down, down, down. Trump explains “Their rigged, Their Rigged”. The people echoed the same! The train picking up ever more speed NOW it shifts gears. The roar of the engine goes silent… What has happened? We have broken the sound barrier!

The Trump Train just broke the sound barrier! Behind it a deafening roar, but in front of it, in front of us… SILENCE!

They never heard us coming! All they would hear is the crack of the Son-trump-ic-BOOM when we snatched the election from the hands of our captors! And so it was…

And so it was!

The night of the election was silent. Our votes were cast. The Mainstream Media like a gaggle of old Hens crowed and cackled. It was midnight, now it is 1am, 2am still NO ANSWER…

BOOM THERE IT IS! Reality finally caught up with the Establishment. The People had WON! 

But what now? That is an easy answer to give…

We keep doing what got us here in the first place. We talk about issues like adults, we fact check the dishonest media, we share the truth at any cost, and expose the lies when needed, and the idiots CAN BE DARNED!

God Bless! God Bless President Donald J. Trump! God Bless America!!!

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