Donald Trump just WAYBACK Machined the Washington Post!


The Wayback Machine is that Internet Archive that Liberals setup to Archive Conservative Websites to be used for ammunition late. They conveniently leave out Liberal controversial sites such as Snopes. Yep, that’s right the Wayback Machine doesn’t monitor Snopes. Smells fishy huh?

I can’t help but laugh when Donald Trump uses this little thing called history to fire back at the Media. Our Wayback Machine is simply the TRUTH, and you don’t have to minipulate that! The Washington Post wrote a half-true article about 40 Democrats that won’t be attending his Inauguration. In the article they said:

While many Democrats were furious with the outcome of the drawn out 2000 election in which George W. Bush defeated Al Gore after recounts and a Supreme Court ruling, they attended Bush’s inauguration as the nation’s 43rd president.

Well, that isn’t completely true! Guess who did NOT attend 43’s inauguration? Wait for it….

Congressman Lewis!

You guessed it! He was just as BITTER and HATEFUL back then as he is now. I wonder what he will do when our economy takes off and he doesn’t have any more people to vote for him? I wonder what will happen when the people who have voted for him, election after election get real opportunities again… I think Lewis’s days a Congressman are numbered!

I love it when the Liberal’s plans backfire. They just don’t get it. We have these very powerful weapons at our disposal!

What are those weapons you are wondering?


God Bless! God Bless America!!!

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