Did President Trump Just Tell Americans To Buy A Gun For Christmas?


Work with me! I really think President Trump is telling Americans that they should buy a gun for Christmas. 😉 I seriously hope my wife reads this and takes his hint. Everyone needs at least one more gun for the safe. Am I right?


President Trump in his usual fashion is sending “secret” messages to his followers and this time it is to buy a new gun for Christmas. And… If you believe that I’ve got some ocean front property in Ohio I will sell you cheap, LOL.

What’s really at issue here is a pair of Tweets the President sent Monday morning. In light of the Mainstream Media’s never-ending drum, they are trying to claim that Trump did something wrong. Nevermind the fact that his lawyer did it, not him.

In Tweeting his response to the Mainstream Media he misspelled a word. Of course, we all know he did it on purpose. We’ll just say Covfefe was a dry run for the moments that matter the most. Back in 2017, we learned that Trump can make headlines by simply misspelling a word and media can’t resist reporting it. In case you missed it, he pretty much told everyone what he would be doing in the Tweet that was later deleted but never forgotten.

Yep, that’s right, in May 2017, he said: “despite the negative press.” Monday morning he used the same tactic to get the Media to repeat what he said in his Tweet. The Media is doing it “despite the negative press.” Because normally they would just ignore his explanation.

Here are the Tweets the Mainstream Media can’t help but talk about.

I don’t know about you, but I happen to completely believe the President. This whole matter is a Witch Hunt. What does a settlement payment have to do with Russian Collusion? It has absolutely nothing at all to do with it.

The President’s lawyer settled a claim, and now that lawyer is in hot water because he did it wrong. Again, it has nothing to do with Trump. Just another lawyer trying to save his own skin.

But let’s get back to that ‘secret’ message in the Tweet. Smocking is another word for wrapping or a ribbon. So, be sure to have a Smocking Gun under the Christmas Tree. After all, you wouldn’t want a good excuse to buy a gun to get away. Would you? …and Ladies I can tell you that your husbands would just love to have a Smocking Gun under the Christmas tree.

Make sure everyone get’s the secret message this year!

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