Condoms Aren’t The Only Thing Men Are Using For Safe Sex, Smartphones


I grew up during a transitional time in America. Born in 1974 my mom was single, which was rare. Nuclear families were much more common then than they are today. It wasn’t easy, but I won’t complain. I survived as did millions of other young people born in the 70s.

Teen pregnancy was on the rise, and sexual promiscuity was becoming more and more common. It was in Middle School that I first attended a sex education class. Back then the school didn’t send home permission slips like they do today, they just did it and often parents had no idea.

It was the 80s that I learned what a condom was and how it would protect me from an unwanted pregnancy or those pesky STDs. Abstinence wasn’t taught, it was assumed that all teenagers were messing around. The classes were needed to stem the tide of single-parent homes and teen pregnancies, we were in fact in the middle of a national health crisis.

We have gone a long way from our values since the 80s when single moms were looked down on, and bastards like myself got beat up on the playground through no fault of their own. You could say we have become accustomed to the lewd and sexually pervasive entertainment shoved in our faces on TV, on the Radio, and yes, on those Smartphones.

When I was 20 I married my beautiful bride, 19. She turned 20 a month after we married. We practiced “safe sex,” the safest kind of sex a young couple in love can practice. It is called abstinence. That’s right, we waited until we were married.

The idea of young couples getting married before sex has largely escaped the collective consciousness of the country. The strongholds of abstinence long replaced by sex ed classes and parents who don’t seem to care. I said I wouldn’t complain so I will stop there.

I could on and one, but that isn’t the point of my article. No, today I write about a new kind of safe sex. The kind of safe sex that men use their Smartphones for. Who would have ever thought a Smartphone would be required to have safe sex?

Well, it turns out more and more men have found a way to protect themselves using that little piece of technology.

Just about every modern smartphone comes with a camera. Don’t get me wrong men aren’t using them to record the deed, just a little video saying that she agrees to have sex. Apparently, it is catching on. As with most social shifts it is starting in Europe and quickly catching on in the United States.

A pre-recorded “consent video” is just what a man needs to protect himself from the #MeToo movement. Never before in history have men felt so exposed and vulnerable. So, many are finding a solution.

Men are learning how to say NO. As #MeToo and those sex ed classes teach young people, overwhelmingly young women that no means no. Men are now saying No video means NO!

So, ladies, don’t be surprised if you decide to get frisky with a man when he says:

“No problem, I’d like that, can I get you to smile for the camera so I can prove it?”

Because after all, No, means NO! Don’t blame the men they have a right to protect themselves from an unwanted accusation.

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