CNN’s universe of alternative facts


CNN politics produced an online “news” article the morning of February 8, 2017, attacking President Donald Trump. If you haven’t noticed the gloves are off. CNN doesn’t  seem to care about the 60 million Americans who voted for Donald Trump.

The article has a short clip of an Anderson Cooper show. It has all of nothing to do with the crafty article below it. I intend to address the fantasy world created by CNN’s alternative facts point by point but that Article will take several hours, I hope to publish that article some time tomorrow, for now enjoy my early start on this…

The misleading video:

Anderson Cooper opens by saying “The Whitehouse has now released a list of terror attacks, the President says the media is downplaying or not reporting…” As Anderson Cooper works the script of his fairy tale the television screen is split. Jim Acosta, the reporter who badgered then President-Elect Trump makes a facial expression and nods his head to suggest the claim is outrageous. The co-star Jim Acosta, in this episode of “Wag the Dog” then says “that’s right Anderson I have it right here…” as he holds up some kind of printed list.

The two then go into a banter back and forth talking about how Anderson Cooper was on site at some of the attacks on the list. Don’t Look! They skipped right over the list. What list?

I find myself asking the television “Could someone at CNN please direct me to the location on the Whitehouse website where this list can be found?” Then I remember there is nothing interactive about CNN. They speak you listen…

They ignored the authenticity of this mysterious list. Where did the list come from? Well, it was Tweeted out by a CNN reporter who allegedly got the list from the “Whitehouse”.

It WAS NOT released on the Whitehouse Website, it was NOT mentioned by the Whitehouse Press Secretary in a Press Conference, President Trump didn’t hand this list to a reporter. NO! It just magically appeared?

Furthermore, the video I mentioned can only be accessed directly on It wasn’t uploaded to Youtube. At this point, you may want to have a look at the CNN Youtube channel here is the link, it will open in a new browser tab. While you are there, ask yourself one question. Could a blogger use any of the videos on their Youtube channel to hold CNN accountable?

Here is an example… (By the way this Video is also available on the Whitehouse Youtube channel, so they really had no choice… You will notice this CNN video has a low view count! I wonder why? LOL)

Videos that can be criticized seem to be reserved for Videos that can be used to attack opponents of CNN are conveniently placed on Youtube. Those videos are often embedded by Fake News sites to attack people like President Trump! How many CNN videos have you seen on the Occupy Democrats website?

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