War Hero, Congressman Brian Mast thinks P.E.S.D. Post Election Stress Disordered should be renamed to this…


P.E.S.D. is a new disorder for people who are struggling with the result of the election. This is NO JOKE! Psychiatrists have created a new disorder just for sobbing Hillary supporters!

Fox News invited Congressman Brian Mast of Florida on their morning show. He is a Combat Veteran. If anyone knows about “stress” he does.

Congressman Mast lost both legs and a finger as an EOD Technician in Afghanistan. During the interview with Fox News, he suggested that there was a missed opportunity with the name PESD.

Congressman Brian Mast suggested they rename P.E.S.D. to another name!

He said:

I think we had a missed opportunity when naming this disorder, we should have called it Post Inauguration Stress Disorder or PISD!

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This is just greatness! Let’s SHARE this so everyone knows what the real name of PESD should be!!! They are all just PISD!!!

God Bless! God Bless Congressman Brian Mast!! God Bless America!!!