BREAKING: Tucker Carlson’s Breaks Twitter Boycott With Purr-fect Feline Tweet And The Rumor Is Mill Churning.


Tucker Carlson has been all but silent on Twitter ever since his home was attacked by radical Left Wing Thugs. On November 8, not only did Tucker Carlson start a boycott of Twitter, but so did most of Fox News’ Twitter accounts.

Tucker chimed in on November 11 to address an issue we thought should be known, but until now this is the only Tweet we have seen.

His latest Tweet is a feline curiosity for sure but further review reveals a possible message inside a message…

See, Simon the Sea Cat was found wandering the dockyards of Hong Kong in March 1948 by 17-year-old Ordinary Seaman George Hickinbottom, a member of the crew of the British frigate HMS Amethyst stationed in the city in the late 1940s.  As the story goes he was kept on the ship removing rats. A lot of rats.

One has to wonder if the Tweet from Tucker Carlson, out of the blue, has any reference to his recently released book. Pinned to the top of Tucker’s Twitter account you find him selling that book…

Could it be that Tucker Carlson is making a reference to the rat infested “ship of fools” he talks about in his book? Nestled neatly inside his book you might find the answer.

I must admit, I haven’t read it yet, but I am now very, VERY curious to see if it make any reference to the feline celebrity he broke his silence to Tweet about. The rumor mill that is the Internet is already lighting up. Some of his fans seem to already have the answer replying to his tweet:

But who really knows. Only Tucker Carlson has the answer and I’m sure he will keep it tucked away as long as he can.

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